Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy 1st Year Birthday My Little Handsome

Your Grand- mom loves you Donu...  

28th May 2011

Between the earth and sky above, nothing can match a 
grand mother's love :) Being a grand mom is like feeling as if you are going to burst with happiness all the time.... it is the joy of my life.

 In many ways it is more fun of becoming a grandma than being a parent. The relationship with my grand child is more relaxed and easier than with my daughters, it is like a second chance for me to correct me which I had missed out with my children.

 When my grandson "Dron" was born, he was so tiny I had forgotten how small a new baby is, a baby we barely knew was suddenly became a part of the family. 

My daughter Ayshu, she seemed so young, I was worried for my girl, was this girl really going to be the mother of my grand child?

 Am I a new grandparent?    Yes, then I have to be 

showering my grandchild with 
clothes, toys, books and other gifts. Of course yes, it is a natural feeling.

My husband and the new grandfather “

AJJAA” adores the little one and we take great pleasure in spending time together with him, in real life of our experience is especially sweet. The affection we shares with our grand child has taught us pure and perfect love.

We grandparents love to celebrate every month's birthday and I am sure when he get bigger, the parties will get grander.That's because he is very special to me.  We grandparents encourage him a lot and more pretend we both play with our child.
         We get involved in our child’s play as much as possible,  we assist him, if  needed.
        Talk,talk and talk name the people, places , objects actions everything, as children get more proficient in use of language.
         Talk about what you are doing and what your child is doing.
         Provide a wide range of real-world, hands on experiences.
        Keep visits to the parks, so the child can use them as a starting point in their play.
        Read books to your kids, whereas T.V movies give all the information, a book allows the child to use their imagination to create these images, and then represent them on drawings, coloring and words will promote their development.
         Let your child to decide what they want to do, it is okay if your child get bored sometimes, this may lead them to some creative ideas that you may not have thought of.

Today when I look back “mum” the small word gives a big meaning for most of us. Most mothers learn as they go with the flow or influenced by the way they were brought up, or by what they have read.
Many women give up a lot to become mothers, her career opportunities, social activities and sense of freedom.
 I am very happy grandma seeing my daughter is no more a girl who used to run behind me.  She is a complete woman now, who is able to take care of her son without my support.

As I watch my daughter interact with her son, I have to consciously remind myself to take a back seat. It’s important to remember that we have to respect their way of raising their kid. It can be hard when they’re doing something differently than I would have.
 I can be there for support if they ask, but it is not my role to interfere!
Today, I have no complaints, God is very kind to me. This little dude is very precious and more adorable child in my life. Me and your grandpa  love you more and more because that's what good grandparents do, we love our  baby unconditionally... 


Wait! He is my grandchild give me the right to spoil him to the core !!! LOL


  1. Solme Shetty Happy Bday cutie pie... Hope u have a lovely day with your mom dad and grandma - grandpa and lil friends. Enjoy and god bless u always. U look cute xxxxxxx

  2. Roshni Rao Hey ushakka you have a handsome grandson. Wish him a happy birthday from all of us and a big hug and a kiss from all of us too....

  3. Nikita Nayak APPY FIRST BIRTHDAY DRONNN baby!!!!
    your big round cute eyes make me go awww all the time!!
    god bless this cutie with all that he wants in life..
    way to go stud!!
    a cute lil hug ! love.

  4. Jagdish Nayak wow! feel like hugging him an kiss him. blessings and happy first birthday my boy,

  5. Kiran R Shetty Birthday wishes to our first Grand Son.:) luv hugs n kisses from all of us ♥

  6. Pallavi Bhambure-Bartake hey dron i m a big fan of ur hairstyles...each one looks supercool 2u..

  7. Pearl D'silva Read your blog on Dron, you are an amazing grandmom!

  8. Sapna Nayak very nice Ushakka...I remember as a child I was pampered by both my kids have missed that bit with us being here :( however Donu is lucky to have affectionate grandparents like the both of u :) U an brag and pamper/spoil Donu as much as you like...bcuz that definitely is your right! :)