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She  takes  care of her husband and every 

morning when she visits him at the Nursing home. he

hasn’t recognized her in five years due to his 


And when she was asked, “If he doesn’t know 

who you are, why do you go to meet Him?” she 

smiled and

 said, “he doesn’t know who I am, but I know..he is 

my life..he is my  husband..

Alzheimer is a disease is the most common type

 usually affects those over the age of 65yrs and 

affects slightly more women than  men.

Symptoms of Alzeimer disease

The  symptoms of Alzeimer disease in its early stages 

often include minor problems with memory and 

diverticulitis with language recall,not being able to find 

the right word.

 Later on symptoms can involve change in a 

person's personality and behavior.

Alzhemir is a as other disease which affect the

 brain.As the deterioration of brain cells progresses to 

the moderate stage symptoms will become more 

noticeable and affect the sufferer more often and in 

more situations in their daily life.

These moderate stage symptoms can include

 repetitive behavior,hallucinations and delusions 

difficulty in sleeping and inability to control bladder 


It becomes more severe over time and the symptoms 

experienced can become even more debilitating while 

putting an ever greater strain on family members and

 loved ones.The haluciations and delusions associated 

with the condition can become more likely,more 

frequent and more severe,often being worse.

This may also be accompanied with feelings of 

suspicion and paranoia,which can lead to the sufferer 

becoming aggressive towards others and even 

violent. Though the severe stage of the disease other 

symptoms can also become noticeable,these can 

include physical symptoms such as a loss of mobility,

difficulty swallowing and weight loss.

An Alzhemer's patient can also become unable to 

maintain levels of personal hygiene and often become

 more susceptible to bacterial and viral infections.

 This severe stage is  also often associated with a

 complete loss of both short and long-term 


Causes of Alzheimer

Alzheimer's disease caused by the death of brain cells

of the brain.As this happens clumps of protein called 

plaques begin growing in the brain and these clumps

 of protein can damage and kill ,more brain cells 

making the condition worse.This also affects the 

function which are chemical transmitters which  

messages the brain.

It is not yet known what causes the steady death of 

the brain cells which cause Alzeimer's, but there are

 some known risk factors.Aside from age(the largest

 risk factor for the disease)it is also known that 

Alzhemirer's can run in families suggesting there is a 

genetic element,this gentic element tends to be 

stronger in the case of early-onset Alzhemier's.  Other 

things which increase the chance of developing 

Alzeiner's include having  severe head injuries.

Many of the symptoms develop slowly and may be 

difficult to isolate as symptoms,particularly in the 

early stages; an early diagnosis is important for 

these medications to work at their best.

How to treat

There is ongoing research into treating 

Alzheimer's; there are many prescription medicatons

 available to help reduce symptoms and help slowly.

Acupuncture,aromatherapy,massage therapy,blight

 therapy,music therapy and some herbal medicines 

could help those suffering from Alzheimers. 


Memory loss, asking for the same information over

 and over.Sometimes forgetting names or 

appointments ,but remembering latter.

Difficulty in completing familar tasks at home,at work

 or at leisure.

Occasionally needing help to use the setting on a 

microwave or a Television.

Confusion with time or place.Sometimes they may 

forget where they are or how they got there.

Trouble understanding visual images,having vision 

problems is a sign of Alzheimer's.

New problems with words in speaking or writing.

Poor judgement,they may experience changes in 

judgement or decision making.they may pay less

 attention to grooming or keeping themselves clean. 

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis 

without examination and investigations and the

answer is based on the medical information provided. 

For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult

 your doctor.I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.


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