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Maintaining your saris :

   Saris  is one of the most precious outfits in a women's wardrobe.In special occasion silk saris  the favorite choice of most Indian women.  Silk is always rich and elegant and no ,match for the celebration. Silk looks extremely classy  and adds elegance and beauty to the appearance of women who wear it, and gives immense pleasure to a women along with perfection.

Wrapping a sari is an art but maintaining the attire is something that require more attention.

Sari care and sari wash is something challengeable. Today, owning a silk sari meant not only the initial price of the garment but also the cost of dry cleaning. Most silk saris can be hand washed. Technically, silk sari does not shrink like other fabric. A good shampoo works well for clean sari ,It will remove oil and revitalize your silk sari.

   Maintaining your silk saris :

Never machine wash your sari, a sari should be delicately hand washed or dry cleaned.

Do not keep bundle and keep wet for a longer period. 

In case of stains wash with cold water immediately

Do not use soap for the first three wash, gently rinse in plain cold water.

Wash the pallu, border and  the body of a sari separately.

Avoid washing the sari of a bright color do not brush use hand wash,avoide twisting or wringing the sari.

Never dry the sari in bright sunlight.

 While ironing, keep the iron in low or medium heat.

Dry-Cleaning is Preferable

Generally silk saris should be dry-cleaned. In hand washing, the consistency of the silk may be altered, depending on the finishing treatment used to give it sheen and the color may run. Chlorine bleach damages silk and causes it to yellow.

Washing Silks

Certain pre-wash techniques have made certain washable. Raw silk, china silk, Indian silk, creps , tussar,  and jacquard silks are safer to wash. After washing, one should roll in a towel to remove the excess moisture, and then hang on to dry on a padded hanger.


Stained silk saris should be dry-cleaned as soon as possible. Dyes tend to discolor with moisture. Therefore attempting to remove stains with water is not recommended without first testing the silk for color fastness. It is difficult to remove a concentrated food or beverage stain. Scrubbing or pressing could ruin the fabric.To remove lipstick stains,oil or cosmetic stains try applying talc am powder to absorb the stains and wipe the area with a clean cotton cloth.

Protein Stains:

These stains include blood, deodorant, egg, meat juices and perspiration. To clear such stains, first detergent should be applied to the garment. Then it should be soaked in cool water and laundered. In case of persistent stains, rubbing a mixture of a few drops of Nh2 with hydrogen peroxide should be tried.

Combination Stains:

The stains include chocolate, gravy, ice-cream and milk. First a dry-clean solvent should be applied and then dried. The protein part of the stain supplement can be treated by applying liquid detergent and rinsing with cool water. Then after using a prewash stain remover, thhe silk should be washed in the hottest water that it can stand.

Nail polish Stain:

This can be treated by rubbing acetone on the area.
Lipstick Stains : First Dry-cleaning fluids and then washing in soap and water can be used to remove lipstick stains.

These stains are usually caused by oils, butter, margarine, crayon, medicines and oil-based cosmetics. Dabbing on talc immediately will lift the stain. After brushing off the talc, a stain remover can be applied and the silk should be washed in the hottest water that it can stand.
Cotton sari

Cotton sari is a favorite of many Indian women , it is often not preferred due to maintenance problems. The colorful saris in just a single wash loose out the rich look, which is why we have some easy tips that can help many women, prefer cotton outfits from now on. Here are the few tips to maintain cotton saris. Simply take a look.

Cotton is always comfortable and warm. The more you wash the softer it becomes, so maintaining the crispness needs smart thinking. Look for the simple tips to maintain and keep your cotton saris and salwars as new as ever. 

Tips To Maintain Cotton Saris -

 When you wash the saris for the first  time, soak the saris in warm water mixed with rock salt for 10-15 minutes. This locks the sari color and will not allow the sari to fade even after subsequent washes.

Adding Soap Nuts (also referred to as Washing Nuts or Ritha) in water and then soaking cotton saris will condition the saris and keep it fresh for long.

 Adding a liquid starch that is available in stores can keep your sarees crisp and stain free. You can also make a homemade liquid starch.

You Will Need:
1.    Water
2.    Corn Starch
3.    A Bottle (Preferably A Spray Bottle)
Homemade Starch Procedure:

Mix a teaspoon of cornstarch with two cups of water (dissolve starch completely). Add to the bottle and shake well before use. The homemade starch will naturally maintain stiffness of the cotton saris.

   For Thicker cotton saris and blouses (with cotton lining), add some more cornstarch     (about a teaspoon more). It is best to store the starch liquid in the refrigerator.

Rinse the saris thoroughly in water as the starch may appear like a stain on saris. Dry the saris in shade.

Iron saris when dry and use hangers to keep the cotton saris wrinkle free for a long time.

Storage of silk saris

Cover  silk  saris with cotton cloth, remember silk is a natural fabric which requires breathing and cotton allows air passing. Never cover it with plastic as it traps moisture which cause yellow and mildew on silk. Silk is all time  and all age groups favorite so store with perfumed sachet and naphthalene balls which should roll with paper with your sari to keep the bugs away. Never use nepthaline balls directly with the sari  they may stain the fabric., thus you see caring for silk sari does not cost much  care for silk sari well and they will provide you luxurious look for years.Don't forget to  store saris in a cool dry place.

 Sari is an such a universal drape but a little bit of thought and research when buying your sari can help you look gorgeous within seconds. 



  1. Nirmala David Thanks Usha for giving us the tips of how to maintain our saree. Yes, my favourite outfit is saree. Saree covers-up many flaws of the body and can very well match with traditional or modern jewellery for an ethnic or a modern look. As a result one can easily feel more confident and good whilst wearing a saree.

  2. Shirley D'Souza Sarees are the most graceful attire!

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  4. very nice tips Usha,specially the stain removing tips..sarees are always and will always remain my fav attire ,if worn beautifully there is nothing like a saree in comparison to other clothings!The models are pretty too!