Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Want to turn back the clock ?

This blog is dedicated to all of my friends who seriously want to change their look:) 

I refuse to understand why turning on to 50’s should have a negative impact, on the way you present yourself to the world. I am fascinated by life and opportunities; I grabbed in my right time.  Age has no bar, It is irrelevant to me.

 Ever wondered how women in their 50’s can look as though they are only 30 plus? They have probably had surgery but “ NO “ you don’t have to. Simply change your dressing style that can help you out to shave off your age.

 Dressing up differently can change a person’s appearance tremendously.

At 50-plus you should be putting style before fashion. In fact I would focus my energies solely on style in order to build a wardrobe that’s timeless. You ought to be having fun with clothes. You have one goal and that is to look supremely confident, smart and polished.

There are many age-appropriate garments that look fashionable and work well for mature women. Knowing what kinds of fashion pieces work best for your body type and flatters your figure is an important part of looking good.

How to Give you a Younger Look

While selecting clothes, you need to choose collared or close collared shirts.

You are free to wear any color depending on your complexion Softer shades of any color suits mature ladies.

Loose fit as it is also comfortable cotton pajamas are better replacement to leggings.

 Tee-shirts will no longer look cool and stylish .

One best way to wear a Tee-shirt is by choosing darker
Color and comfortable fit.

Wearing clothes that are too tight or fit poorly will only make you look older. Choose styles that are classic and avoid following all the trends.

 If you like, add a few trendy accessories each season to your wardrobe, to keep it looking updated and fresh.

Get rid of clothing with tiny motif, especially those with floral animal prints. Animal prints in this context refer to tiny birds like prints like plastered all over the clothing. These prints represent a Vintage style and certainly do not help you to look young.

Floral and animal prints are usually worn by youngsters who  want to look stylishly .But anyone who look matured and do not have the make-up skills to conceal their age; will look as though they share a wardrobe with your grandmas.

Remember sharp contrast like bright colors on dusky or black fabric are young and fashionable but faded colors would make you look like you have an outfit that has been recycled  for decades.

A crispy white shirts essentials to any wardrobe it will give you a dressed up look at any occasion and will flatter any figure.

Think of Marks n Spencer’s and Zara…these clothing lines often have geometrical designs in single shades or contrasting tones. The classic is black on white or the reverse. This combination is an effortless way to stay elegant and vibrant. These dresses usually have clean cutting, and  you able to carry there are more contrast in bold shades like pink on blue, pink on violet, yellow on beige go for it Or trousers on plain colored shirts and you will look young and the trick equally well too.

A knit wear or a blazer works well to give you a younger look in every season even in summer but a cool outerwear instantly upgrades an outfit. A blazer works well to give you a younger look in every season. If you have on a neutral-colored outfit (e.g .black, white ,brown, pastel colors) do accessorize with attention grab.

 Attitude ...trumps age, if you think 
you ‘re fabulous,you are fabulous!!!


  1. Viva said-Lovely post just loved the way written very good tips Tks I badly want to change my wardrobe!
    Please keep writing. Good Luck

  2. Pavi Hitesh tks for ur post on my request..loved it!

  3. Shirley D'Souza Usha you are as gorgeous as you were during our college days!