Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ageing Gracefully!

One wonders whether the phrase "May you live to a ripe old age"  is a blessing or a curse. Old age cannot be avoided. It is a phase of life.

Women live longer than men on average,but  it's no

   secret that age takes its toll. Old age can be 

miserable for many women — even when comparing 

to men and women of the same age.

Old age is feared in recent times , however this is 

not the case in the olden times. In the good old 

days, life was not so complicated and family values  

 were given more importance. 

Hence  the  older generations held 

a very  important position in the family tree and in 

society. The scenario is changing nowadays, the 

senior citizens being considered as burden.

In urban areas, the entire responsibility is on the male child with whom the aging parent resides. Due to the nuclear family system, the aged people tend to feel neglected as all others remain busy with their own schedule.

Many are forced to sell off their property as a  result  of some dispute within the family or for their  children’s career, making them solely dependent on their children latter .After a certain age, their health starts deteriorating and their mental faculities begin to diminish. Sometimes, these people cannot recognize their own family members. In such situations, these people are considered to be burden and are thrown out.

Those who can afford, try to reduce their guilt by sending their old parents to the home for the aged. But seldom do they realize that although their parents or grandparents may get physical care in these institutions, their emotional needs of affection and love by their own near and dear ones remain unfulfilled. What the youngsters of today fail to realize is that they will get old too some day and may have to meet a similar fate, because history is bound to repeat itself and a person reaps what he sows
Healthy Tips
   You don't need to look your age. There is absolutely     no harm in looking and feeling young.
You may be old yet be a teenager at heart. You have the right to enjoy at any age.
Pranayama is particularly important,it improves your health.
Exercising regularly can prevent severe osteoporosis and joint stiffness in aged persons.
Never take any medicines without consulting a doctor, as elderly people usually require milder medicines.
Using a gelatin soap and massaging your skin regularly with some moisturizing oils can reduce wrinkles.
Older people tend to develop dehydration and electrolyte imbalances easily. Hence, drink fruit juices daily.
There is no need to feel shy if you get incontinent. Use adult diapers and stay on the move.
If your memory starts deteriorating with age, maintain a daily diary to remind yourself of the day's plans.
Keep your mind and body active even in your old age. You will automatically live a longer and healthier life.
Go for regular checkups and investigations once you cross 50 years of age. Better safe than sorry!
Express your inner feelings with anyone that you can confide in - a family member, a friend, or a doctor.
Working as per your convenience and at your own pace, preferably part-time, is advisable to keep busy.
With age, the nails tend to get coarse and grow inwards. Take care not to injure yourself when trimming them.
Firm cotton mattresses are recommended for the aged as these usually do not worsen body or joint pains.
The elderly usually feel more cold as compared to others. Hence, they must wear cotton warmers.
Following a regular routine for sleep, meals and bowel movements, can set the body clock even in old age.
Avoid large meals and also avoid performing any major tasks for at least 30 minutes after each meal.
Maintain a healthy body weight. Follow a healthy eating plan that emphasizes fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy foods.
Keep your mind and body active even in your old age. You will automatically live a longer and healthier life.

Don't forget that some of the best advisers to the biggest companies, are all senior citizens
Use your skills!


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