Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting Smokey Eye Tutorial

The Smokey eye is sexy and mysterious. The best thing about it is that it looks great on everybody! From young girls to mature women...! . Smokey eyes never go out of fashion! 
I suggest wearing the Smokey eye at night as a dress up thing, rather than every day.
 The Smokey eye is a great way to mark the contour of the eye. By increasing the intensity of line and shadow make the eyes look more dramatic and appealing. Add false lashes if you want to achieve a wild and sensual appearance. While smokey eyes makeup cannot be the best choice of makeup for a parent-teacher meeting or for your first job interview, is an excellent choice for a cocktail, a wedding night, an evening event or meeting etiquette.
The Smokey eye makeup complements all fashion

 colors. You can dress in black, red or white, use plain 

fabrics, printed and striped. This makeup stands alone 

and will not compete with fashion. 

From  Actress Rekha to Rani Mukarjee, Aishwarya to Sonam kapoor all of them have eyes seductive. Sophisticated  and beautiful forms. These women understand the power that the eyes have time to make a good impression. Each of them has had an impact on the fashion world with her beautiful eyes smoked at some time or another in their careers. Each of these women understands the power of subtle beauty.

The fundamental basis of smoky eyes is simple: create an illusion of darkness around the eye to achieve a look round, perfect and feminine. This look works well with all forms of eye and what you do is mark the outline to create the desired shape of sensual eyes. Large eyes are attractive and provocative. Once you learn to make up, try using dark shades of violet, blue, green or brown to impose your personal brand when you wear makeup smoky eyes.Smokey Eye Makeup

Materials Needed to Create Smokey Eyes 

Hidden spots
Loose Powder
Color black eyeliner
Black eye shadow or dark gray powder shadow
Shadow ivory or beige
Black Mask Eyelash
Eye Brush with sponge tip to smudge
Eye Brush natural hair

How to Apply Smoky Eye Makeup

1. Prepare the area around the eyes with moisturizer and hidden spots.

2. Apply loose powder under the eye area. This will help control the makeup loose to fall during application. The loose powder can be removed with a brush after application.

3. Using black eye liner, trace the inside upper and lower eye. It always starts from the inside of the eye and work your way out. Use the sponge brush to gently blend the line into the lashes. This will make the lashes appear thicker and soften the line. Blurs  the lines up in a circular motion to create an appearance of smoke rising. Remember, what you want to achieve is that the color gradually disappear.

4. The next step is to apply the black shadow or gray. The powder works well to blend. Use the brush to apply eye shadow starting at the back of the eye and along the line towards the outer eye. Continues   to apply the shadow forming a "V" lateral to the shape of the brow bone. Extend the line of shadow halfway, stopping above the iris. Use very little shade. Want to create smoke, no tar.

5. It also applies the shadow under the eye area. The color should be more concentrated as you move outward. Line merges with the bottom up to create a soft shadow line.

6. The next step is crucial. Merges  in a circular motion outward and upward. This will create the illusion of smoky eyes.

7. The shade of beige or ivory can be applied using a natural hair brush. This type of brush is perfect for light or shadow application. Blend the shadow under the brow bone and inner corner of your eye that you highlight.

8. Curl the lashes

9. Remove the remaining translucent loose powder.

10. Apply black mascara to eyelashes in the upper and lower lashes.


The eye is the jewel of the body.

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