Saturday, December 3, 2011

My fascination with Abu Dhabi

 I first visited AbuDhabi in 2004 and fell in love with this city, with lush its green gardens & fountains, neat rows of tall buildings and cosmopolitan population and also with its surrounding deserts, rocky mountain, white sandy beaches, stunning wadis and dramatic landscapes. This inspired me to join my husband later in 2006 to live here, ever since.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of United of Arab Emirates and one of the richest & safest cities of the world to live. There is so much about this place that makes it a great place to live, for either singles, or couples or families. It is also the largest of the seven emirates, constituting the United Arab Emirates.  

Abu Dhabi restaurants offer a wide range of Arabic, Indian, Far East, European, Sri Lankan, Lebanese, Pakistan and continental cuisines, served in authentic style and with their respective unique ambiance. An integral part of the social scene here in Abu Dhabi, involves friends and family gathering around the coffee parlor in the evening, for hours to a watch football match simply amazing.

The sheesha is available in many flavors for each day of a week, with the many aromatic flavors still to be presented. During Ramadan times, the sheesha tents are put all around the places, like –beaches, roadside cafes, including the big restaurants etc. for the people to enjoy the sheesha after the Iftar. The food served for the Iftar parties, with all the variations of different regions of Arabia, is worth attending to savior the rich Arabic culture.

Traditional handicrafts and arts in emirates are largely dominated by women. For a glimpse to Abu Dhabi tradition Sip back into past the oasis-style of souk, camel ride, craftsmen working on jewelry in souk where you can buy traditional jewelry, perfumes, spices, carpets and handicrafts. Shopping for gold is really fascinating activity here, due to the wide range of styles & patterns that is available. The traditional wooden doors and antique chests are widely available, traditional wedding jewelry made up of heavy silver makes beautiful display, when mounted onto glass frames. The distinctive white garment worn traditionally as headdress by men in this region, have become a fashionable icon.

One adventure everyone should try in UAE, is Dessert Safari. This tour starts on four-wheel drives, driven by exceptionally skilled local drivers, with sand dune bashing, off-road adventures, visit to a local date farms and lunch at the top of the mountain. Rolling red sand dunes and miles of pristine beauty of the desert, attracts both the locals and foreign tourists, for this Safari. Belly dancing is one of the popular dances, that top up this tour, followed by Arabic dinner.

The night life of Abu Dhabi is in very relaxed atmosphere, cozy interior and friendly crowds, on special occasion like x’mas and New year the evenings are organized with social themes, high crowds of multi culture people turn up on weekend turn up to enjoy the fresh beat of some of the best beat international level. if you are happen to be lucky in Arabic night club, you will enjoy the art of belly dancing.

 Sheikh Zayed is fondly called The father of the UAE, according to his  wish  the Sheikh Zayed is also last resting place. Based on his vision the mosque was built..  Mosque design and construction unites the world. The mosque is large enough to accommodate over 40,000 worshipers, and it has very Special unique elements. It has 28types of marbles and 24 carrot of gold throughout. The mosque has 82 domes all traditional Moroccan design. The carpet in the main prayer hall is consider o be world’s largest carpet, the chandeliers made from Germany  that incorporate of millions of Swarovski crystal.

The magnificent theme amusement park on Das Island is another attraction of Abu Dhabi This park is situated under 20,000 square feet roof making it is the largest amusement park explore the rich history of unique heritage, thrilling rides, exciting attractions, designer stores all brought together by the rich Italian heritage of Ferari world. Formula 1  is the highest class of single seater fasest circuit racing car and the racing drivers constructer teams are required to be holders of valid super license,the highest class of racing license. Formula 1 is particularly popular in UAE.

The Emirati house is always welcome the guests with the oud and dates and the Arabic coffee is served to the guests with the special ingredients including cardamoms, saffron with rose water. Etiquette is an important aspect of UAE culture and tradition.

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