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Party is an occasion exactly where all near and dear ones meet each other and share the moment of success and  happiness Throwing  a  party  is  fun  there is no proper reason for celebration, it is a matter of meeting people for the purpose of socializing, conversation or recreation.

Party will be a typical feature of food, beverage, music,  games and dance as well.  Everyday is a gift of God and that  itself a enough reason to celebrate ,Consider special  occasion dates in  the lives of your family and friends ,you have a reason to party.

Hence  being  a host become all essential to be fresh and graceful. Women play wonderful role in hosting party. Host should appear with most graceful which complementing her personality, that makes her look elegant and add a glam appear to her beauty.

Some parties are held by specific person’s events like birthday party, dinner party.  Farewell party, Christmas party,  New year party,  showers, Halloween party, Marriage related parties, surprise party, tea party costume party etc.

 B’day party

B’day parties are often accompanied by colored decorations especially with balloons and ribbons.  B’day cake is covered with candles that are to be blown out after a b’day wish has  been made. The person being honored will given the first piece of cake ’ ’Happy  b’day  to you’’ song is sung by the guests.
B’day surprise parties are the most common kind of surprise party. When honor person enters the room the leap from hiding and all shouts ‘SURPRISE’!  B’day parties often larger and more extravagant now a  days.
Throwing a party to make memorable b’day party  for kids 8-12 is challenging  ,they are old enough to outgrown from the playground but not for teenage  activity  Roller skating party, pottery painting party ,beach or pool party Or Simple tea party.

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Costume party

Guests at a costume party wear different outfits. These parties  are sometimes   associated  with  holiday events or friends  get-together.


These parties often held in a secluded are a beach  party ,a garden or a barbeque  parties are also often features.

Marriage Related Parties

Bridal   shower, Engagement,  Mehendi , Bachelor party, Hen party, Wedding reception  and  Welcome party.

Shower party

A shower is a party whose primary purpose to give gifts is common  for  Bride to-be or  Mother-to-be. But requesting gifts from friends or from relatives is greedy.

A Game fun Party

A social during which the guests play  party  games.

Pajama Party

The guests are invited to stay overnight a home of the host. This party is usually for teens and young children.


Clothing   you choose, remember you must  look  very special by first impression. Just because something in fashion doesn’t mean it will work well with you. Keep your shape in mind choose clothing which enhance your beauty and extra attention to your best features. Dress according to the theme if there are any particular requirements of theme you should follow the party you are attending  to.

The age group of your host and other invitees plays in the vital role. In the case of younger crowd you may want to think twice before choosing your dress for the event.

There   is variety of dresses, if you are going to the party wear costumes similar to the mood of the party. Smart casual while attending   one of your close friend’s parties, if it is a big event to attend you can choose the best designer wear. Try to follow the  latest  style  and trends, short party dress is in fashion and trendy, remember to choose the dress to fit the season.

During   the  evening  parties eye catching colors like emerald green ,copper brown, purple will be more glamorous. Wedding, bridal shower with an  Indian Theme  party  the rich vibrant colors are so popular . The  mehendi  party is  celebrated many different ways  but  traditionally   just women participate  in  mehendi   party and get together dinner and laughter.

While attending the Indian  party,  choosing   the right dress on the right time is very essential.  Nothing compares to the grace and elegance of  the  traditional  women in saree. Wearing  saree is an sophisticated  style ,it looks good on any event. There are variety of saree for  the occasion like fancy  wear, embroidery wear, chiffons ,designer wear and  celebration  saree  these show on individual style with them .

Young  women to look glamour can go with pretty designer wear choli,  Some come in the style of Strapless, spaghetti, sleeveless halter neck  corset and many more .Any women can choose accordingly depend on her body  type and with positive attitude.

Hen party 
Hen party are the  key to  pre wedding  celebration  and preparation it is a great opportunity for the bride to be to relax with her friends.  Smart party planning  are the main ingredient for success of hen party.

·       If you want to pamper your hen find some cheeky accessories.

·       From bunny  ear , fancy T-shirts , fancy dress costumes head wear are the few hen party costumes.

Cocktail dresses has all one needs for any occasion, the differences between formal gown and cocktail dresses are the length of the dress, the richness of  the  fabric. Cocktail dresses are shorter and less expensive.

The era of playing safe with white is far gone,  black   is the new color black cover up the extra pounds.  Whether  you  are attending a fun crowd, family event or classy dinner party mix black with trendy color.
Salwar kameez
The latest anarkali  design is more fashion for modern ladies.  To  look young  you  can choose as a party  wear with comfortable  elegant look. It is  very  stylish  and  fashionable attire for all age groups.

   Some tips on kameez

·       If you are short  kameez should be longer  it makes you look tall ,you can wear closed neck to look taller.

·       Chudidar  salwar  looks good on long kameez and traditional   look in Anarkali  and kurtas.

·       Salwar are made in different style according  to the  trends.     Curently  patiyala, doti, double  gher, parallel pants  and  Trousers like short pants especially Pakistani style  looks very smart on ladies.

·       If you have fat arms don’t choose sleevless,the sleeves kameez Will hide the flab of your arms and  your hands look thinner.

·       Wear a  salwar kameez around your naval area, will as it pull your stomach.

·       Avoid organza or any stiff clothes , if you want to look slimmer.

·       The bright colors like marron, dark blue,  brown look very  good on dark complexion.

Things to remember

The era of playing safe with white is far gone,  black  is the new color black cover up the extra pounds.  Whether  you are attending a fun crowd, family event or classy dinner party mix black with trendy color.
·       The best way to dress your body type is to focus on the positive level.

·       You don’t have to spend a fortune to look good.

·        It  is  the  fastest  way to brighten up  dress your nail polish and your lipstick.

·       Accessories are so important  make  you beautiful and look attractive.

·        For  parties  high  heals  are the better choice ,that adds  femininity.

·       The most fundamental thing is to take an account on your ease and comfort, select the fabrics based on the season and the location of the party.

·       Informal weekend parties often allow for a more flexible attire Like chiffon that enhance your body  types are great choice.

·       Clutches is very much ” in” these days so try out some fancy stuff.

·       If you are confused about colors then choose beige, aqua             lilac  and pink.

·       Use dark color if you have large hips use dark color pants or skirts and light color tops.

·       Clothes in solid colors with simple lines will make you appear taller, the skinner the lines you appear thinner.

·       When you are wearing a white tops wear a bra close to your skin tone.
·       Your  make  up  neutral  and  softer  tints will give  you a nice look for your lips

·       If you want to get more dynamic mauves and bright shades look beautiful can look great on those who have  soft and light complexion.

·       Put some shimmers on the right spots for the sophisticated effect.

·       For dark  complexion  copper gold and   bronze  makeup Use liner under the eye one of the best make up tips for the evening is eye  liner, either pencil or eye  shadow. Consider  extending the liner to corner of  the eyes for attractive eyes.

·       Make sure your jewelry accessories match your handbags and  shoes  so that you look complete.

To turn your style statement into the talk of the evening make sure you  carry  something  else  -Right attitude and smile.



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