Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Baby... Dron

He is our sweetheart and bought so much joy in our 

Why not grandparents not adore toddler with their round 
tummies, chubby cheeks and fatty bum ? 

Grand children from the age from 1-3 offers thrilling experience for grandparents. When grand parenting the toddlers it’s important to remember that every child develops at their own speeds. Caring for the toddler is one of the greatest essence to grandparents.

Toddlers are interesting, little people and they will often express themselves by crying, shrieking grunting and pointing. Sometimes they do things and drove parents crazy. They reach out and grab things (while feeding they grab spoon) Sometimes they are rather clumsy and awkward with gestures, and also very possessive, in fact they spend much time in carrying around and protecting their toys.

They have very little skill time happy for a minute and cranky, the same toddler who screams for unreachable may be drag you there. One of the most important thing to do is to parent establish a safe environment and provide of activity games and toys, encourage your child. to look at a book. By doing this you may need to help your toddler to learning to sit quietly and developing their listening skill.

Make a book with family tree, pets and your house and leave with your child.

Learn to appreciate the positive side, help them to complete a task. Try to establish a clear routine with regular eating and sleeping and playing times by doing this you are helping your toddler to encourage organizing their personal things in future.

Place child size furniture around the house. A step stool will help him to reach sink to was wash is hand or brush his teeth.

When you shop with toddler is be sure she is well fed and be ready with snack. Have fun and involve your toddler while shopping.

It is perfectly normal to toddler to decide will he eat or refuse food,  keep in mind that it takes a multiful exposure to  offer new  food. when you offer your toddler new food simply place it on a dinner table and don’t make a big fuss about it eventually after your toddler seen you eating he may try to eat from his plate.

Your toddler will let you know when he is ready for potty training. When he is sitting on his own you can try to train your child often toilet training can begin as early as 9 months.Whenever they 'pee'  or  poop keep repeating several times slowly so they will become aware of their bowl and bladder movement. Take them to wash room at least once in a day.

  Getting right equipment for potty training is a good start. Create a routine and make them sit on the potty once a day   after breakfast or before bath. Make a note if you know your toddler likely to use the potty encourage them to sit down this can be frustrating time for parents. But don’t compare your child to another, encourage your toddler with praise.

Your attention is powerful reward for your child. Putting your child down or walking away of not giving attention, you can use these strategies if your toddler keeps doing something you don’t like, after you have told him to stop.

 Working mother- Talk to your toddler about times when you will need to apart. Children feel more secure especially it’s all part of a routine.

Every toddler learn by testing and experimenting with everything around them. Constantly telling your toddler ”No” like pouring cold water on this natural curiosity.

Long distance grand parenting

 To combat the long distance, grand parents can use the specific tactics to keep a strong attachment with their grand children. Telephone contact is important call at a regular time, when your grand children do not rush.

Use computer or traditional mail to keep in touch with a grandchild.

Camera, video, audio tapes or tape recorder are the excellent way to keep in contact with  grandchild.

Parenting challenges need patience to help a little one to grow from a dependent baby to independent child.



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