Thursday, December 22, 2011


                            Cheers to a New Year and another 
chance for us to get it right:. 
New Year resolution are easy to come up with, but hard to keep yes it’s a year again. The time we have to turn over a new leaf. Traditionally   New year’s day styled ideal time to kick start a new phases in your life. The beginning of the year is also one of the  worst time to make a major change in your habits.

Many women make a New Year resolution after they become a mom, and this because they have responsibility. So they want to make changes for their children and enjoy quality time with them. Most of the New Year’s resolution,every mom thinks to have to do for the sake of their kids and family.

 Few mom’s prefer to do things to treat themselves. Such as visiting   spa  or  getting  beauty treatment.  In recent years, the number of people choosing weight loss as a  New Year’s  resolution.


Mum’s you can treat yourself  especially  if you think you deserve it. Many women feel they put in a many hours of work, come home and cook and take care of their family.

I  feel  they could be pampered by manicure pedicure, a new hair  style or coloring hair to go with the flow .

  If  you  would prefer a vacation you can surely go for one,   depending  on what type vacation you choose with or without  kids, if you are lucky enough to have relatives , friends or your parents to watch the kids for a few days, you can have a nice little  relaxed vacation .Depending  on what type of vacation it is, you can choose whom you would prefer to with.

 But personally I would prefer to do with my friends or with my daughters. Usually it is with your husband ... occasionally you can break the old tradition.

 As changing a habit of yours you can put on your list.

Think of it as a goal that you want to achieve by the end of the year.  However goals can be imposed by you or someone else, as long as it is materialized.

Many moms like to explore their relationship with their spouse  and  it  is completely  normal. Let your family know you really care for them on a daily basis , it  builds  strong bond between each other. If you  had missed out something   specially  with kids   that you can start right now.


·       Just pick one of your lives to change to begin with.
·       Plan ahead to ensure success
·       Anticipate  problems
·       Pick a start date
·       Go for it  don’t  waste time
·       Accept failures
·       Plan rewards

Cheers !

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