Sunday, February 3, 2013

My First Grandchild..

Did I say I became a grandparent for the first time on May 28th, 2011.There is nothing more exciting than having a  new grand baby,If its  your first grand child you will be very excited,nervous as you welcome the new arrival.

The birth of  a grand child is the greatest moments a family can share.When your first grandchild is born, grand parents come up with lot of dreams.

 Many grandparents want to make up for mistakes they may have felt like they made raising their own child.The relationship between a parent and child, and a grandparent and child are totally different. However, it is important to keep in mind that no matter what – GRAND PARENTS will always be a very important part of your grandchild’s life and future.

My first grandchild will always be a reminder to me of the fragility of life and how we must do everything we can to nurture him.. I am forming my role of a grandmother in my mind on a daily basis and demanding.

The first grandchild is often one of those monumental moments in life when you rearrange and reconfigure everything you thought you knew about life. For many years now, you have believed you would never be able to love anyone as much as you love your own child/children. That too is about to become a myth.
 When your see your first grandchild for the first time, recognizing your own child, you will feel like you have been given a second opportunity at life and love.
Often, grandparents are so excited about this big event in their lives that they forget this child has parents who are excited as well. Likely, your own child and their spouse will work hard to assert themselves and define their own role of parenting.
No doubt you want to spoil your first grandchild. Perhaps you are in a situation in your life where you have plenty of time and resources to give, give and give...

 When you were raising your own children, you knew that spoiling them would only make your life harder. Yet now – you can do anything you wish with your own grandchild.

As for spoiling – you have every right to do so. Rather than be the kind of grandparent that is always giving things of monetary value, try to spoil with your time, love, abundant knowledge and nurturing spirit.
 You have a different angle on life now that you have raised your own children and can see the perfect areas where grandparents can make a huge difference.

Grand parents can sit on the floor and read books or play blocks for hours on end and they can rock the baby to sleep and still sit for another hour holding your sleeping baby. Your first grandchild will grow up knowing that grandma and grandpa are there for extra love and always have the time and attention the child may need.

 when you first gaze into the eyes of a newborn grandchild,  remember that the magic of bonding begins right at that moment and that it can truly be the start of a lifelong relationship

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