Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Immortals of Meluha

The Immortals Of Meluha for the big screen..

  According to modern historians Land of Meluha starts with the arrival of the Tibetan tribal Shiva." The Immortals of Meluha"  positions land of Meluha and how the inhibitions saved from wars by a named Shiva. 

 The Meluhan belief that Shiva is their fabled savior Neelkanth,  is confirmed when he consumes the  somras, a legendary healing potion  which turns his throat blue...

 I kept away from the book I do not read Mythology in a language other than kannada. I was totally misled by the cover picture.

When I heard this story line in the making of the film is an adoption of this book,I order this book online along with its successor,"The Secret Of Nagas" This book is about what if Lord Shiva was not a figment of rich imagination but a person of flesh and blood a man who raised to become Godlike because of his Karma the plot is gripping and kept me intrigued and engaged.I  throughly enjoyed the book.  

 The novel revolves around the protagonist Shiva, who is a Tibetan immigrant to the land of Meluha, a perfect ancient India as Amish has described, how he pursues Sati (Parvati) with all his deepest love, and how his karma recasts him as our, God of Gods.

Whole thing is that it is intricately connected and it builds up towards the bigger picture. The author has done a commendable job in weaving mythological facts with fiction and has created a fantastic story.Lord Shiva is my favorite God right from my childhood .

 I always portrayed  Lord Shiva as the cool dude, Shiva rocks the imagination is obvious in the immortals of Meluha,  Shiva's journey from cool dude to Mahadev.

My favourite  actor Hrithik Roshan in the lead as he would be perfect Shiva. The role needs someone who not only looks dynamic, but at the same time a terrific actor.

It is very interesting to see Hrithik play God on screen:)


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