Friday, February 15, 2013

Harmless Habits That Age You

Putting'a stop to these daily don'ts could help you look and feel younger. Sure, we know that eating a poor diet and not exercising, age us by more than decade. 

Many prepared foods contain hefty amounts of sugar,but it's hidden including barley,malt,syrup ,fruit juice concentrate. Dining on veggies a couple of days a week or month and skipping them.

 Your friends keep you young- as simple as that take advantage of Facebook on a more frequent basis- even clicking through pal's photos can help you keep closed can protect against depression,and heart disease among other health problems.

 Now you spend most of your spare time shutting yourself 

but here's why making time to cultivate your friendships is 

so key,one study found that 

satisfying and friendship predict longevity. 


 But what about those habits that age you - like rubbing your eyes.Tired all the time?As even think about we mature the skin thins, and this is very noticeable around the eyes, which makes dark circles worse and increases wrinkling while rubbing! be careful....

 Sleeping on your side or stomach, it may be more comfortable  for me and you than sleeping on but  feel,It may be more comfortable than sleeping on your back, but having your face pressed against the pillow for seven to nine hours a night can speed up the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

 If you can’t sleep on your back, using a softer pillow, which lessens the pressure applied to your face.

 Eight glasses a day does more than just keep the body hydrated – it keeps us looking young by fending off dehydration.

 Gain  your weight  and all back in the fall , If this cycle seems familiar to you, then you may need to rethink those weight-loss methods.
 Gaining and losing weight repeatedly stretches the skin, causing elastic fibers in the skin to break down, which leads to excess sagging.  You might think sneaking your hand into the cookie jar or indulging in desert every right doesn't do much harm,but sugar is a top culprit when it comes to putting the ageing process into high gear for wrinkles. 


 Over doing your anti-aging beauty routine.Every night you diligently apply your moisturizers and retinols to plump up the skin and combat fine lines and wrinkles. However, your anti-aging regimen could be doing more harm than good. , which makes signs of aging more .

You are stressed more often-You don't feel good when you are stressed-out-be it from work projects,pilling up a miserable commute,issues with the kids etc.over time stress that doesn't go away can delay talk about your feeling is the best medicine try to Exhale strongly through the mouth making a sound.Breath  in quietly through the nose,repeat the cycle for 7-10 times,repeat the cycle for 3 times more.

You blast your ipod nothing makes you feel 80 years old like having to cup  your ear and say  Excuse me? to get your friend to repeat herself again..and again hearing loss typically develops slowly,wear earplugs when you are around other loud noises.


Putting a stop to these daily don'ts could help you look and feel younger.

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