Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Most Memorable Road Trip

Who doesn’t love a road trip? It offer an excellent opportunity for tea at roadside  Little towns to explore, new dabas to try, treasures to find and  adventures to be had .I have been on many road trips in the last few years, but the most memorable till date was a road trip with my grand son.
Road trips are not an all-male phenomenon. Women also go on road trips, but  may be they are lesser in number Road tripping means more to us than what we’re seeing or where we are hanging  it is about family togetherness and time spent creating Lifetime memories!  
Road trips are fun when they are not planned point-to-point. As long as you have accommodation booked, that is enough. Its better not to have agendas; get as spontaneous and adventurous as you can.

  It was loads of fun as it was the first time we took off on our own . To me, it was more than just a trip with my grand son.  It showed that I could take care of myself and that I was now  free to do what I wanted.
Road-tripping is a great way to bond with the people you are travelling with and I would strongly recommend it to people. It not only makes you appreciate yourself as an individual but is an amazing experience as you get to meet new people, know different cultures and variety of different cuisines.
The goal of road trip enthusiasts is to experience the culture, nature and history of the route, and to celebrate the open road. 
We had chosen our destination to  Chickmangalore

The sunsets in Malnad at chikmagalur Agumbe and Sringeri hills are magnificent with  the different shades of colors in the sky  walk thru the clouds .. Sitalayangiri is a point on the southernmost tip of the Bababudan range, it is host to the mallikarjun temple a quaint little temple to Lord Shiva.the temple houses a spring which runs  inside the sanctum. 

Sunsets at Sitalayangiri are a glorious affair, the setting sun lights up the Mullayangiri peak which rises majestically above the Sitalayangiri.
There is nothing but peace at Sitalayangiri point.the area is quite deserted on most days with a sprinkling of tourists on some days. it gets dark very quickly and so if you are in a group it helps.
A visit to the Dattatreya peeta in Bababudabgiri hills is a must for those who love walking thru tall grass in mist :)

 Even though the caves were closed for public sighting this drive was memorable for us as we just parked our car and took off on a short trek thru these hills, truly unforgettable as we sighted many peaks, lakes and birds in this short trek.Located 20 kms from chikmagalur is ayyenkere lake.the malnad region is dotted with such pleasant surprises.

Ayyenkere lake is beautiful for a nature lover its a dream come true.Located 20 kms from chikmagalur is ayyenkere lake the malnad region is dotted with such pleasant surprises
Dattatrveeya peeta inBababunabgiri hills is must for those time your visit for the evening so that you can see the natures colors in all their magnificent beauty.preferably plan the trip on same evening of your arrival.start early so you dont get disappointed after sunset, leave early afterwards as the area is isolated.

There are some Museums and varied styles of Hoysala architecture and fantastic tales of history in Belur and Haleebeedu. The temples has been discribed as an Outstanding example of Hindu Architecture.

Stay safe
 You have to be way about accidents and mishaps. And, realize that freedom comes with responsibility.
 A passion for road-tripping is not enough. You need to be equipped to take care of yourself also.”

So why do people do it?

 “Well, my memories of my favorite road trip were an injured leg, gobbling hot rice roties, beautiful photographs and a great sense of fulfillment,”

I have been wanting to go another trip with my friends to relieve my memories After all friendship and travel is a potent combination that you can't say 'no'. 

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