Friday, November 22, 2013

Death..? Is not the end of Life

 Death is not the end of life, death is  just a departure for the Spirit, which is our true home in the after life. People today know about earthy things in much greater detail than they did in the past but when it comes to the important spiritual matters such as death and the world after death,it can be said that the people of the past were much knowledgeable.

 The death does not occur when the physical body stops functioning. It is usually Closely related to how quickly a person is able to accept his/her death.During the first few days,the soul of the  deceased person usually remains close to the place he/she lived and tries to follow the lifestyle he or she used to. Souls that depart usually wander around their house during after their  first seven days after their physical death ,but when their conscious becomes clear enough ,a “Spirit Guide” comes to help them to realize that they are already dead. This
Spirit Guide could be ,in an ordinary case  parents. siblings, a close friend who died before.

Souls cannot begin their departure to the spirit world and becomes Spirits-because they lived with the totally materialistic view of life and strongly denied  life after death or emotionally attached something in this world to the point of  not being able to go.

Scared?? Yes I was...

Many souls who have an interest in persons life come down to watch his Life Movie.The movie shows  what kind of person the deceased really,was,revelling his thoughts and all his actions.By the time screening is over only for 7minites,the person  more or less realizes the results and if there are lessons he needs to re-learn,he will go to the most suitable place for learning in the spirit world.

The mental state at the point of death is very important.If a person is actually doing his spiritual practice such as chanting at the time of death then the influence of desires ,attachments and other souls  are minimal possible for that person compared to his state not chanting. The name of God and it also in a state of surrender to God’s will then he attains an better life after death.

This makes his subtle body lighter  at the time of death. Also the entire responsibility of his well –being in his life after death is undertaken by his evolved spiritual guide –Guru.

The fastest way to attain Moksha  is said to be devotion. Sincere devotion no amount  of  temple visits the best way to attain salvation is through discipline-devotion ,self surrender and the grace of Guru or God.


To be continued.....
what you feel in your heart is still overwhelmingly alive. You even feel that you can talk to your loved one and expect that the message reaches him or her. And why not?

 Most of us have had experiences .....


  1. My God..I really don’t have any words to express my view,the only thing I want to tell is Be prepared...AWESOME Mama Guide mrs nayak I wish you all the best. Mrs Vimla pai Muscat

  2. Laxman - Very nice information of death ,recently I lost my mother ....please keep writting proud of you being a Mangalorean ....God bless

  3. Hello madam, yes I read about death but this post is informative ,nice blog which includes everything I love and looking forward to read very post . Thank you maye! From Karwar

  4. I am scared!!! but very interesting.....wid a tight hug Tyagi.

  5. Suman Bhat US Death I always expect like something which we have to face in our lives, But now after reading this post I started to prepare myself to attain Moksha..very informative add with mind blowing pics.Tks

  6. After experiencing an early death in our family[son 19 years] i started believing in such facts and yes IT is not the end of life .Just the departure for the spirit. More information on this could sooth many and what i urge and request to all is that everyone should understand about death ,its meaning and what we can achieve during the whole process our life as long as our body functions and turn good souls.