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Drapes and Your New Look!!

Are you bored with a Ghaghara choli yes I am, such a boring dress I feel money is spent, the fashion is out dated again you have to make some storing place for your expensive designer wear. 

What next....Wait! in a few yards of a drapes  you can choose to make a festival out fit. If you  want to  ghaghara  choli for the Deepavali- pick up a sari from your wardrobe and try to give a new look-after  one wrap around your body form a pleat but the pleats are tucked end of your hip and the pallu worn like duppatta.

You can choose a spaghetti top or heavy designer blouse..the choice is yours.

Sarong style  - After one wrap pleat half sari on the left side. Take the remaining to the right hand side from the back pleat again to the right, and tuck the remaining part of the pallu in front..let me say once  again-after one wrap around the body pleat the sari in the right hand side,the divide the remaining material into two, fold and tuck the on the left hand side and take pallu  a neck around.

I love this...for my Bride. 
It gives special effects it consists 2 chifons or crape with same or contrast  colors. Both worn regular saris coming from back to front on the left side  there will be two sets of pleats one on the right and one on the left side. Brides! Try to change e your sari  styling you look totally differentJ
Different style of handling and draping pallu.

Drapes in a different style put knot for pallu looks elegant and stylish  girls you look the best!

Go for conventional way of draping sari just hold it twisted around your hand,make a loop so you can insert your finger very comfy and stylish. leave the pallu left long on the left shoulder and wear it like duppatta without petals or twisted around the neck.

Here the sari is draped to create a skirt with pleats in front after one wrap around the body while the rest is down from the right hip to the left shoulder to hang down from the back.

Gujarati style  Coorgi and
My  all time favorite Bengali style!

This has regained it’s charm from sharmila Tagore to Aishwarya Rai .After one wrap around the body with one large pleat in the front showing off the rich border carefully tuck the sari anti clockwise on the front  side.(over the bust)..then the pallu takes at the back from the left shoulder.carefully pleated behind and brought over the right shoulder in the front.


keep a few things in mind while draping a saree to look slim. A few simple rules and you can look taller and slimmer in sarees. 

Light weight fabrics like Chiffon, Georgette, Crepe etc. stick to the body closely, so they make you look slimmer. 

Cottons, Kanjivarams, heavy Silk, Brocade, Tissue etc a sari can beery well draped over a churidar or a pant in fact gives a slimmer look.
 as they add volumes to the over all look. 

 To look slim, opt for small prints or motifs.

 Bigger or broader borders make us look short. For those who don’t want that, should go for slimmer borders or no border at all.

 Opt for darker shades. Dark colours make you look slimmer and makes your skin colour appear lighter. They hide the flaws but accentuate your curves just as much as necessary.

Find a petticoat that matches the colour of your saree exactly. If it’s lighter, your saree will also look a shade lighter. The same applies to a darker petticoat.
Tip: Semi fitted petticoats make you look slimmer.

 Lay out your saree and figure out which side is inside and which is the outer. The Pallu ofcourse will be the outer side and the other end, the inner.

 Hold the inner end of the saree in your left hand around your waist.

 Make sure the hem is touching the floor and tuck the inner end border into your petticoat.

 Pass the saree onto the front. Maintain the same height so that the hem is even.

 Keep the top edge level and tuck in a little to keep the saree in place (safety pin at this point)

 Start folding the pleats from right to left while holding the edge of the saree.

 Hold all the pleats together and tuck them into the petticoat (make sure the length of the saree remains the same and the hem is even) (safety pin the pleats to your petticoat) 
Bring the saree around your body. 
 Hold it in your right hand and pass over the left making sure the border is even. 
 Drape on your left shoulder. Here, you can either let the border sit on your shoulder and let the rest fall casually. Or, following the pleat lines, create pleats on your shoulder and let the pallu fall in a thin strip.

Tips for blouse(tops)
  • If you are slim then heavy work will be best for you, if you are overweight and fatter  side light work is suitable for you.
  • A  designer blouse can give a woman more beautiful, sexy and gorgeous look.
  • If you want to look gorgeous and beautiful then you should also consider the designs of latest trendy blouses. 
  • There are so many types of beautiful designs of blouses like sleeve less blouses and blouses with short sleeve, long sleeves, short neck, deep neck, deep back, and backless blouses.
  • Apart from sleeves you may also consider blouse length, various sexy neck and back designs depending on how much you want to expose your back and front.
  • Embroidery, sequins, stones work also make a blouse very attractive and give women a rich look.
  • So be careful while selecting a blouse for you it should suit your personality.
  • Now it is not compulsory to buy a matching color blouse, you can also buy a blouse in contrast color.
  •  Yes choice is yours...
Wish you a very Happy Deepavali... rock!!

Mumtaz style drapes

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