Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Jack and Jill Party!! (Bridal Shower)

A Bridal shower is one of those parties that are fun and practical at the same time. The obvious reason for a shower is to give things to the future married couple that will help them establish a home together.

 But the underlying reason for a bridal shower is that it's a nice occasion for the close family and friends of the bride to spend relaxed time with her before the big wedding day.

 It's a time for sharing funny stories, for relatives to give advice to the bride, and for friends to show their support. The bride is the princess of the day, so be sure that in your planning you don't do anything that will make her feel uncomfortable.

A bridal shower is commonly hosted by the maid-of-honour and bridesmaids. Although it was once considered poor etiquette for family members of the bride to host the shower, it is now acceptable.

 Here are some other considerations as you plan a shower:

The event is usually held within two months of the wedding up two weeks before the big day.

Invite guests to the shower who have been very close. These days you will need to decide whether this will be a traditional” girl” only or a couple party,often refereed as a “ Jack and Jill shower"

Any time of day is acceptable,but most often showers are afternoon event.

Games that can serve as ice breakers for the party are a particularly good idea if a large number of the guests  who don’t know each other.

My  tips to the Bride

Encourage the bride to register for gifts. With so many couples living on their own before getting married, it's difficult for guests to guess which things they still need.Pl don’t forget to include reasonable number of inexpensive gifts on her registry for guest with limited budgets.

Decide whether the party will be held at a home or in a restaurant or other places.

These days many shower planners now choose activities instead of the traditional finger food/gift opening shower.
· .
 For example, many bridal parties take the bride out for a day at the spa instead of a shower. Or for an active Jack and Jill shower, the party could be a beach When you've selected a theme for your bridal shower, decorations will help to support your selection. Here are some decorating ideas for a kitchen-theme shower:
Make it Romantic
Romance is the underlying reason behind all showers, so why not celebrate it in your decorations?
·         Top your tables with pink linens.
·         Use white napkins that have been pushed through heart-shaped cookie cutters as a napkin ring.
·         Your centerpiece should reflect the ultimate symbol of romance - a clear vase filled with red roses.
·         Sprinkle the table with heart shaped confetti in assorted colors of pink, red and silver.
·         A small heart trinket box that has been wrapped with a red bow is a lovely favor for your guests to bring home a little of the romance for themselves.
·         Create place cards by folding over small paper lace doilies.

Remember the Bride's Interests

Consider the interests of the bride when you select your theme. Here are shower ideas for a bride who is passionate about the beach.
·         Cover the tables with blue, white and yellow striped cloths for a nautical feel.

Barbecue complete with music and dancing

         Unless you feel it's mandatory to surprise the bride, involve her in the planning.

Ask her if there's a particular theme she'd like for her shower. Some popular themes include lingerie showers, kitchen item showers, around-the-clock showers (where everyone is assigned a time of day for which to select a gift) and travel gift showers.

         Don't forget to give party favors to all guests. These can be traditional favors such as small boxes of candy. Or they can be something that relates to the theme of the shower, e.g. drawer sachets at a lingerie shower..
My First Bridal was amazing wish I had born 20 years younger...

P.S  It was an exclusive ladies party so pics are not permitted to display.

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