Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy birthday to a super special Two year old Dron

Happy birthday to a super special  My Two year old  Dron 28 May 2013
 It is a wonderful  blessing of being a Grandparents. who would have thought a grand child could do so much? I never would have guessed myself.  The special bond that forms between a grandparent and a grandchild brings so much life in our lives.
This relation is hard to express until it is experienced...A grandchild brings out the grand life style in grandparent's life.
My little boy have the ability to make my life worth living.  God sent you to me as blessings.You melt my heart with contiguous smile....

You help my eyes to see clearly when things are all a blur!
You help me to slow  my ageing process....

I believe  God uses grandchildren to speak to grand parents.Some of the best times I ever  had, have been with you.While holding your tender hands I feel I am holding the hands of God
I have truly have been blessed to have hold your hand in mine.As you grew I love to look  at the world fresh and new through your eyes you captured my heart and my life my liittle Donu...

You have been a source of our Pride and Joy.


  1. Afsana Jaleel Happy bday cutie dron


  2. Sapna Nayak Happy 2nd birthday to Dron. Trust he had fabulous time on his birthday. Love & wishes from all of us at home

  3. Reena Pinto Happy birthday from us. Usha I know you will do something special for him

  4. Archana Nair Wish Dron a v.happy birthday from all of us, god bless him.


  5. Rosemarie Michael Happy Birthday Dron from the Michaels!