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May the Lord's Blessings on Vishu.

If  your first step is wrong, the whole journey will be wrong, getting off to a good start is very essential.Indian astrology perhaps more than any other, gives very importance of beginning of the position of the stars and planets is taken into consideration to insure auspicious beginnings.

In Kerala the start of the Zodic New Year when the sun enters into Ashwini nakshatra is celebrated as Vishu.It is said that what one  who sees  the first Vishu in the morning is an indicated of what one can expect in the year to come.
Thus on Vishu effort is made to assure, one opens one's eyes before an auspecious image-The Vishukkani.
(I love this tradition)

While the festival is called Vishu across India festivals sharing the same spirit such as Ughadi in Karnataka and Andra Pradesh Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra,Bihu in Assam and Baisakhi in Punjab areceleberated around the same timee rice.of year.

Meaning Of Vishu

Lord Vishnu, the preserver of creation,is focused upon during Vishu.In Indian astrology,Vishnu is seen as the head of Kala Purusha the God of Time.

A rice mixture of turmeric is called as Akshata,which is devided into halves of husk and un-husked rice,is placed in a special bowl called 'Uruli'

The uruli traditional is made of pancha-loham. Panchaloham being symbolic of the universe,which is comprised of the five elements- Earth,water,fire , air and space.A nice well starched cloth is pleated like like a fan inserted into a sprouted puja vessel used for pouring sacred water. As special kind of mirror with an extremely long and thin handle decorated with gold is also inserted.and urli is placed on top of rice.

Gold-both in color and  coin is placed the central of the  Vishukanni .Kanikonna golden colored flowers, jewelry   gold, fruits and vegetables,such as banana, jack fruit etc.A spiritual Bhagavad-Geetha (symbol of knowledge) is made part of the arrangement.

Two Diyas which are from the two halves of a split coconut,are also kept in the uruli. The wicks are made from pieces of starched cloth. The lighting of the diyas welcomes God into our lives and it also symbolic knowledge and the remover of the darkness of ignorance.

Tradition of the Vishu 

 The women of the house who arranges the Vishukkani .On the auspicious hours she will light the oil lamp and take in the auspicious sight. She will then awakes  others (family members) and leads them to the pooja room, covering their eyes

Upon opening one's eyes ,one is overwhelmed with the darshan of the Lord the mirror which symbolic Devi -ma Vishukkani is not reserved only for those who come to the puja room,but is taken around for viewing of the elderly people.Vishukkani points to a year of abundance both spiritually and materially.Food,light,money and knowledge all should fill our life.

Vishu also means feasting that day!The items prepared for Vishu are of all tastes spicy,bitter,sweet and sour. Dishes are usually prepared from mangoes, pumpkin gourds and jack fruits.

Street Entertainment

There is abundant street entertainment during Vishu.Young people put up tradional dance performance after dressing up in a skirt made up dried banana leaves and wearing masks.

Legend of the Kanikonna Flower

The Kanikonna flower is an integral part of Vishu hasan interesting legend behind its origin.Once upon atime in a village a boy named Unni used to love the stories of Bala Krishna, he start visiting Krishna temple near his house.Lord Krishna moved by his devotion and offered  him his golden waist chain  it to Unni.

Next day when the temple was opened that the chain was missing.the news about the theft spread everywhere,Unni's mother was thought Unni has stolen it.She threw the chain which landed on the top of a tree,developed golden yellow flowers and Kanikonna flower was bloomed.


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