Monday, June 10, 2013

My New Cell

I have been proud of the fact that unlike many of my friends, I  had  never lost my cell phone until I got a call one evening.

I had gone to meet  my  client 15km from my town. On my way back,  I got a call  from a my vender asking me whether I  had lost  my mobile. I checked my handbag frantically, yes it was  missing, that too my  business cell.(usually I carry 2 cells )

I used my another personal cell to dial  my own number, and a boy who answered said I found your phone he said excitedly. He spoke with a strange accent - I have been trying to find you here, it was getting late so I decided to go home he gave me the address of a coffee shop.
 Next day I went to meet him I didn’t dare go alone so took my  husband  luckily he was in town at that time. I needn’t have bothered   much ,after driving 15km we got a petty coffee shop where we met a laborer called Shiva and his friends, migrate labors would hang out after work. Shiva did not own a cell phone himself,  so  i had to call my own number to locate him.

My fears were unfolded, Shiva was just a young boy who addressed me as  “akka” respectfully .How did you inform my vender  I asked Shiva he explained that  when he found my mobile on the road side where I have got down from my car I went to see outdoor location with one of my client)And  he had called me in my personal number to inform me.

I was totally delighted to get my phone back with all contacts messages and  pictures of my stage decorations  and my bridals  snaps, I could have lost it forever .I am so happy to get back my cell, which had a very sentimental value too  it was  a gift from my daughter:))


  1. Shirley D'Souza A happy ending! If only there were more honest people like Shiva!

  2. Pearl Sequeira Nice! Did Shiva get rewarded for his Integrity?

  3. Usha Nayak ha..ha..gud one am happy to add him in my Dron Event ..this option is open to Shiva i hope he will be back soon...pearly.