Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tips for Women Buying Glasses

Woman likely selects her glasses frames for styles as well as function, but of available styles and materials can be confusing and time consuming. Narrow the selection of choosing frames is better that should suit the shape of your face, your skin color and the material is very important.

Face Shape

Choose frames that are in contrast to the shape of your face. For example, rimless frames take the focus off a broad forehead, while detailed frames in strong colors help to camouflage a narrow forehead. A general rule for all face shapes is that frame width should not be wider than the width of the face. Frames with a clear bridge are more flattering for close-set eyes.

 Your eyes should be at the center of each lens. The frame should be wide enough so there is a slight space between the frame and the side of your head.

 A bold color at the bridge gives the illusion of narrowing the distance between wide-set eyes.  

Face Size 

Choose frames that are in proportion to the size of your face. Small frames are lost on a large face, while large frames will overwhelm a small face.

Select frames that do not go above your eyebrows, and do not touch your cheek when you smile. Your eyes should be centered in the lenses when you look straight ahead. Frames that slide off your nose or leave red marks under the nose pads need readjustment.

Classic eyeglass frames project a professional image.
An active woman needs a more durable frame.

Select a color

 Stick to frames that suit your hair color and skin tone. Remember flamboyant colors don’t always match everyday clothes.

 Warm skin tones (like olive skin) look good with copper, camel or peach frames; blue, jade and plum frames go well with cool, paler skin tones. Matching your eye or hair color also creates a flattering look.

Select frames

·         Oval-shaped - You are very lucky, this shape of face lends itself to almost all frame styles.
·         Heart/triangle (face is wider at the forehead, with high cheekbones and a narrow chin) Choose frames that are all one colour and made of a light material.
·         Round (full with few angles) Frames that are narrow with a high-set temple will lengthen your face.
·         Square (forehead and jaw line are equal in width with a strong, angular jaw) Choose angular styles, as they keep the eyes centred in the frame. Make sure the frame is wide, to balance the face.

·         Pear (narrow forehead that gently broadens to jaw line) These look best in frames that have a strong top bar, which will add width to the forehead. And frames that have detail at the temple will balance out the jaw line.
·         Diamond shape (forehead is small, widens at temple and narrows at chin) Choose sharp-angled frames. Strong top bars will add width to the forehead.
·         Oblong/rectangle (face is longer than it is wide, with equal width at forehead, cheekbones and jaw line) Deep frames are best, as they shorten the face.


Plastic frames, which are available in almost every color imaginable, are lightweight and easy on the budget. Metal frames are available in stainless steel, aluminum and titanium, among other metals. Flexon frames are made from a titanium-based alloy, and retain their shape after twisting and bending

 An optician can make frame selection easier. She can tell you which styles are returned frequently for repair, for example. She can also advise you on frames that are not compatible with your prescription. Some styles are not suitable for the thicker lenses that stronger prescriptions require.

Don't borrow someone else's spectacles to view yourself with.


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