Friday, April 20, 2012

" You Are The Best Grandma Ever!”

My joys…

My little guy  keeps me running, however, we always have fun at home.
 The sound of laughter in the house when my grandson is here.
 Just a simple smile from my grandson.
 A hug from my grandson, YES! he gives big hugs now! lol
 The sound of his voice, laughs and cries when I’m on the phone with my daughter. That always brings a smile to my face.  
 Those days when he needs ME to just hold and rock him.
 The peekaboo game. I get him giggling so hard, and that gets Grandma laughing and Grandma laughs so loud .

 Shopping with my little guy is totally fun:)
 Getting new pictures
 Shooting videos
 Showing off
 Bragging on this blog! LOL
The truth is…
My little dude precious adorable child in our life? Oh, wait! He’s MY grandchild, I must be prejudiced ?? Yeah, that must be !   Please give me the right to brag here!!! 
I thought I’d  to post what I've experienced of being a grandmother…
I worry...
Why do I worry about this?? Well, my grandchild gets bored very easy! I mean VERY easily.

He’s inquisitive, too intelligent for us" grandparent"s and he takes pride in letting us know that he’s in charge. LOL! So, keeping our little guy occupied is quite challenging.
The toys we have here at Grandparent’s house are  newspapers,  magazines, my work area, books books and books again, my pooja place…He giggles to himself as he takes my things and tosses it I just mumble to myself, “You little….”  And you know what he does with that comment? He laughs, and not quietly!  I guess we need to update and get some new toys.   LOL.

Instructions on being a fun grandma? I do have a few… 
Dance around and act silly -

 I do a lot of this lately. This would be something that my grandchild would watch on video when he gets older !! 
 Play the pick up game - 
This is where he tests me. He plays the pick up game mostly while in his high chair eating a snack or lunch. See, I have to bribe him  just so he don’t freak out when I put him in the chair. So, what does he do with these toys Grandma bribes him with? You guessed it, he drops  toy to see if I’ll pick them up Of course we Grandparents hesitantly picks the toys up after specifically telling him “I’m NOT picking those up!” 
As long as I play the pick up game with him, he’s having fun, and of course I’m being a fun grandma, maybe not a smart one, however a fun one.
 Play Peek-a-boo -
 All babies love peek-a-boo! I have lots of fun with this one, as I get him giggling loud. I use cloth diapers that I place over my head and face. And he just loves it. 
  Sing songs - 
Singing songs is being a “fun” grandma. Especially can you imagine uuh laa la...(Dirty Picture)this gets him  laughing and dancing too. When I start out with that first line he knows what’s coming and he grins real big and start lifting his bum.. 

 Getting down on the floor -
 All kids love it when you get on the floor with them. And guess what I am gets down on the floor and lets him  pull my hair. What we Grandmothers won’t do for our grandchildren?! Guess is being a “fun” Grandmother, at least it’s working so far. 
    But you know what? All kidding aside…I can’t wait until my little guy can say,

         “You are the best grandmom ever !"


  1. Pavi Hitesh Undoubtedly:)) The Best Grand ma Ever!

  2. Neena Shetty hi ! must be busy with u r grandson it's nice 2 see u enjoying his growing years wish we be like u :)))))))