Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Massage is My Message

It is never too late in life to educate oneself. There is so much to learn and absorb that it would take many lifetimes to be perfect.Let me pass on some of age-old from my country India a massaging. Right from new born and as we grow massage is very important which helps improve blood circulation.

A  daily massage of 5 to 8 minutes helps your skin and feel relaxed. If you can do-it for yourself a gentle face massage all it takes a bit of will power and make your skin glow.

A good massage is the essential part of the facial .You first need to thoroughly cleanse your skin with a cleansing lotion or cream and then wipe it off with a damp cotton .Finish it off with a skin tonner for a dry skin with rose water or a cucumber slice.

A massage cream or oil you could use olive, almond, apricot, vitamin E oil or simple coconut oil. If your skin is  dry  and mature choose ripped avocado  or banana mix with a tsp If of warm honey.

If your skin is very sensitive the massage should be very light and gentle. A  gentle and firm massage, using the correct movements.

 When my daughter was born I remember all my relatives are remarking, she is cute but has a flat nose. So I took it as a challenge there is an amazing change. She has no longer flat-nosed in fact she has well shaped sharp nose now. I had learnt my first lesson on the benefits of massage.

There is a way to massaging your face, the correct techniques can only come with practice .Massaging the face helps in stimulating blood circulation and removing the dead skin. It helps in tightening the skin tissues, thus preventing the flabby and sagging skin.

Face massaging steps

A facial massage should always begin with an upward movement starting from the neck. To ease tension you must place the fingertips on your nose and gently stroke your skin outward in the direction of your ears. For frown lines and wrinkles gently massage in an upward motion. Give eye brows a gentle squeeze to release any build up tension you may use the backside of your palm as this is comfortable. Work from neck and move to jaw and go to the outer ear, the corner of the mouth   nose and cheeks. All these moments should end towards outer ear or hairline.

 Try this massage who someone loves and cares for you, you won’t regret it.

Go on spoil yourself you  deserve  the bestJ

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