Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let Others Envy You !

·         Do you secretly envy others who turn heads when they walk down the street?  Would  you  like to receive wow! that  is incredible…
Whatever  your  age  is,  I hope this will help you to continue a good start in ageing  process.
  •          Throw out non-essential things.
  •          Keep only cheerful friends.
  •            Keep  learning  and   find  something new and different  to talk about
  •  new hobby you are passionate about.
  •         Laugh  often,  long  and  full heartily
  •         Enjoy and be happy in simple things
  •         Surround yourself with what you love , Tell people you love them
  •          Cherish your health
  •         Tears happen. Endure, grieve and move on.
  •                 Don’t take guilt trips
  •             Spend less time with friends who only want to talk about their problems and yours, remove people who taunt.
  •             Stop gossiping, avoid being mean to others.
  •      Look in the mirror everyday and say "I am beautiful,just the way I am ":)
Start your day with -

 A well balanced diet is the most important aspect.

 A couple of glasses of water (room temperature)

After 30minutes, drink one glass of warm water with a little honey, half piece of freshly   squeezed  Lemon  and a pinch of black pepper (pepper for blood circulation, lemon  for cleansing, Honey provides energy)  After  an hour you can have morning tea  if you prefer.


1 fruit, whole meal toast with cheese or cottage cheese
Coffee or tea

Three hours latter have one large bowl of  fresh  green  salad  with  little fruit and  nuts like almonds and walnut.

Lunch - Be moderate in your lunch and snack after 3 hours.

Dinner-          dinner before 8 pm

High fiber foods such as  whole  grain,  cereals,  pulses  , green vegetables and fruits should be eaten in large quantities that help your skin and body clear and also make the complexion clear and bright. Proteins found in milk  and  milk  products  and  eggs, meat fish and poultry.    Take  care  of   your health and help in building new cell. Cultivate the habit of eating slowly and eating small portions.

Drink minimum 10 glasses of water to keep your  body  hydrated  and fight dryness of the skin of your body. Exercise for 30 minutes at  least  5  times a week on an empty  stomach. This help to burn calories.
Finding Beautiful   From the Within

Be  gentle  with  yourself  forgive others :)

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