Wednesday, November 9, 2011

For Your Beautiful Hands and Feet

Hands are  noticed  more or nearly as much as your face, so they deserve to be beautifully cared for. It is easier to hide any imperfection of face through make-up, but hands need constant grooming of certain quality to look lovely and beautiful.

If nature has gifted you with beautiful hands, be thankful and look after them with tender care to preserve it.  Hands are the first to show the signs of ageing, but sometimes due to negligence young women have wrinkled hands.

Hand care
·       First step towards the grooming of your hands is to keep them scrupulously clean.
·       Nail biting is out if you want beautiful nails, too long and pointed nails looks repulsive.
·       To repair the damage done by rough house work, keep on rubbing  your  hands with a mixture of equal amount of glycerin and rose water.
·       Keep  a slice of lemon in kitchen it acts as a whitener, softener and nail cleaner.
·       Equal amount of lemon juice and white vinegar acts as hand whitening lotion.
·       Our nails,  hair, eyes or skin, these indicate the state of our health. If nail is lacking in color or with white spots, then it is the signs of ill health.
·       Vitamin A, D and B Complex are good for nail growth and calcium can cure the split nails.

·       Try to avoid too much contact with strong detergent.
·       Keep your nails in warm olive oil before a manicure and rub it into cuticles every night.
·       Massage of Vaseline into cuticles is excellent for rough cuticles.
·       Keep your nails free of any nail paint occasionally.

  • Daily hand care

·       Every day  after washing your hands, push back  the cuticles and clean under the nail tips.
·       Before going to bed lavish the hands with Vaseline and use a pair of cotton gloves. This helps your hands to become incredibly soft in the early morning.


Manicure began 5000 years ago in Arab countries and henna was used for manicure. French manicured design to resemble natural nails and are characterized by natural pink base and nails with white  tips. French manicure may have originated from Paris in 18th century.
A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the hand nails and  it  is  performed  at either home or in a saloon. A manicure treatment is not a only treatment for the natural nails and also for the hand.

Common manicure & pedicure tools

A bowl of   warm water, Nail clippers, Cuticle knife, Cuticle pusher, a pair of Scissors,  nail buffer, Cuticle remover and cream, massage lotion and  nail paint.
Base coat polish and top coat, Cotton balls and hand towels

Do it yourself

·       Take off old color on the nails with acetone remover on a cotton ball.
·       Soak hands in a bowl of warm water with a 1tsp. of vinegar and liquid soap. Water should not be too hot (it will dry your hands and nails) soak your hands not more than 5 minutes
·       Buffing  the  nails  and the nail edges for a smooth and shaped finish.
·       Filing will control the length and shape of your nails.
·       There are  two  main  option  square and round. Square cut is   more in fashion
·       Make your manicure look more professionally.  Filing should be done in only one direction.
·       Use a cuticle pusher just to push  them  back but some people  like to cut their cuticles but best is not to do this at home.
·       Scrub your hands or legs  for  few  minutes   wash and dry them thoroughly.
·       Apply the base coat  and  apply two thin coats of nail paint.
·       apply   moisturizing  cream
·       After the nail paint is dry, massage your hands with hand cream or any cream.
·       Use a right color for your personality
·       While applying nail paint use a toe separator to keep nails from hitting each other and  smudging  your polish.


 should be as pretty and well groomed as your hands and face. Hard skin, uneven toe nails and hairy legs shows that you are neglecting your legs and feet.

Aching  feet are the result of lack of proper exercise.,  Give them much attention and same beauty care as your hands.

 Cold or hot water foot bath also help feet.

Your foot wear must be comfortable  avoid  very pointed shoe  and excessively high shoes.

For the beautifying your  feet, rub the calluses with pumice stone every time when you take  bath.

 After bath, massage your legs and feet with a mixture of glycerin and rose water During winters rub your legs and feet with warm olive oil .


A pedicure is a way to improve the appearance of your feet and the nails. A pedicure can prevent nail disease and nail disorders.

Egyptians were known for paying special attention to their feet and legs. They also colored their nails. Royal finger nails are usually colored either black or red.

Today  the highest nail saloons located throughout  in US, it is said pedicure has highest growth rate compared to the other beauty treatments.

Some women are born beautiful, others achieve beauty:)


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