Monday, October 31, 2011

Beauty is Skin deep

Every women  to enhance her famine charm. There is not a single women want to feel and look better, when she knows she  is looking her best.

But, to improve your appearance you have to take in   to consideration all the aspects of your personality your hair, your face, your skin and your dress. If you are one of those lucky ones to be young and pretty , then protect your looks by systematic care.

Very few women are gifted with soft and tender skin But mostly have some skin problem, like too dry skin, or too oily one,some have combination or patchy skin.


·      A very mild face wash and skin tonic may be used after cleansing.  Astringent is not meant for dry skin.

·      Once in a week wash your face with a juice of Melon which is  good for dry skin.

·      Dry skin demands tender care and needs facial once in a week.

Face pack for Dry skin

·      Yolk of  an egg with 2tbs of milk and 1/2tsp honey mix together and  apply  this on your face.

·      A good nourishing cream should be used twice or thrice a day.

·      Nourishing  cream  should be applied before applying make-up.

·      Over exposure to sun further dries the skin, milk mixed with melted unsalted butter to soften the dry skin.

·      Egg  yolk , apple juice ,peach juice, sour cream, melon juice, milk, honey and almonds are helpful for dry skin.

·      The only consolation for  the people with dry skin is that they are free from  acne  pimples.


Oily skin is considered to be an asset as compared to dry or combination skin. Because of over –lubrication of the skin, wrinkles  do not form soon.

Oily skin does not get affected much by sun light or Wind. Usually teenagers have oily skin and these type of skin, attracts dirt  this needs a regular cleansing routine if oily skin is not cleaned properly the dirt will close up the pores and blackheads will formed.


·      Steaming is an excellent remedy ,with steaming, you can push out blackheads and whiteheads and thus prevent pimples.

·      After washing your face, wet a towel with hot water squeeze, and pat on your face. Repeat this process 2-3 times.

·      Then wet your towel in icy cold water and  repeating  the same process. The skin stimulating routine will refresh your facial skin.

·      Change of food habits can make your skin less oily. Rich and fried food should be avoided.

·      Green vegetable should  be  included in your diet.

·      Don’t pop pimples it’s tempting, popping pimples can push infected material further into the skin, leading more swelling and redness.

·      Keep your hair clean and out of your face to prevent additional dirt and oil from clogging your pores.

·      For pimples cut a few onions and cook until they become transparent .When cool, should be applied.

·      Camphor is supposed to have excellent soothing and drying effect on pimples.


·      By steaming and washing in mild soap  is the best remedy.

·      Dried lime  added  to a point of boiling water makes a nice solutions for facial  steam, steam your face for 7-8 minutes and your pores will be wide open and remove the blackheads from the cotton balls and apply astringent lotion to close pores.

·      A little warm honey patted on blackheads area or an entire face for 15minutes clears the face.

·      Milk also helps to get of blackheads permanently in some cases.


·      Buttermilk is supposed  to  be a  great  astringent and reduces or closes the open pores. It should be left on the face for 15minutes and then washed off with cold water.

·      Tomato pulp alone or mixed with curd makes excellent pore-closing paste.

·      Oatmeal made into paste with hot water also helps


·      Equal parts of vinegar and water act as pore closing   solution as well as skin tonic.

·      Lime juice is also considered to be a good astringent.


 Protect your skin from Sun. it may seen  like a tan  but these  freckles  are  temporary .A tan may worsen your acne,  bleaching will help you. If you have a dry skin, after bleaching apply cream on them.

·      Lime juice a mild bleach pat on freckles do not wash till absolutely dry.

·      Buttermilk also acts as a mild  bleach


If you have such kind of skin, you must be having an oily nose, chin and forehead with dry cheeks and temples.

 Sometimes as you grow older, oily skin changes into patchy one. Your skin will be less oily and certain parts of your face. Treat both oily  and  dry  skin as individual one.


·      Your complexion usually reflects what of kind of food you eat, the amount of sleep you get and your course of feeling and emotions.

·      Intake of lots of water wonders with infected skin.

·      Carrot juice alone or mixed with parsley juice is very effective.


       Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

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