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 The neck is one of the neglected parts of the body. Neck should be treated with as much tender care as your face. If you neglect your neck it will show your age.If you need to show off you,your jewelry give attention to the neck-line.Negligence in the  care of the neck can result in early wrinkles and discoloration.When you wash your face wash your neck  also. If you apply make-up on your face and if you neglect the neck, the result will be sharp contrast between the two. Besides  neck needs some special treatment as well.Some of the problems can be solved by regular exercise,massage and beauty aids.But a lot depends on personal care

·       The appearance of neck depends how you hold your head.

·       Back  straight chin up always appeal like young personality.

·       Correct posture is to hold your head high, chin up and slightly forward. If you have a faulty posture, the result will be double chin or flabby muscles.  While walking, move from the hips only and allow the legs to lead the body.

·       The easiest and perhaps the oldest way of learning to walk gracefully, is to practice walking with a book on your head. This practice will teach you carry your head correctly.

Neck care tips
·       If you moisturize your face then do the same for your neck, while you  using  the night cream then apply on your neck too.
·       Using light stokes with the palms of your hands, massage your Neck with fresh, preferably homemade butter for 5 minutes at least once in a week, use  upward motion.

·       Do not lean over the work table, hold your head up. It improves the posture and it is good for the neck.

·       Try not to use pillows while sleeping or use lower pillows. It  will  prevent your neck from curling more down and it will help it Stretch properly.

·       Clean your neck and throat daily and bed time with upward motions  with some nourishing cream. A simple overnight cream for neck, throat and shoulders can prepared easily at home. 

Natural bleach-

·       Blend 3 strawberries into a smooth puree add 1tbs of
   buttermilk 1tsp of corn flour. Apply this keep it for              20minites     and rinse off with water at room     temperature.

·       Apply lemon and turmeric paste or using yogurt can help to to remove the tan on the neck.

·        Apply a layer of yogurt  and leave for 20minutes and rinse with warm water.

·       Buttermilk also very good cleanser for the neck, especially for those with oily skin.

For added effect,make a lotion of glycerine,mixed with water and a few drops of lime juice and store in a small bottle.Apply before going to bed and wash in the morning.
You can choose from a variety of homemade scrubs,be it a mixture of gramflour,unboiled milk and turmeric powder, make a paste of it with few drops of lime juice.
Make a habit of cleaning the neck regularly and throughly.
 While washng your face,rub the neck with a towel soaked in warm water,remember,once a week.This will help make the neck look shiny and beautiful.

While wearing halter neck and sleeveless dresses women must pay attention to their arms and shoulders .For an all round well groomed look, your shoulders and arms is as good as your face. Arms if covered with hair need extra attention. You can apply cold wax this treatment will make your arms Smooth and shiny. In case if you have very little hair you can bleach them.


Your elbows look ugly if they are discolored and rough. They spoil the effect of smooth arms.

·       Vinegar diluted in water makes elbows smooth.

·       Almond paste mixed with honey or unboiled milk with a pinch of salt is good for softening the skin of elbows or any other rough spots.

·       Milk has great softening agent. Warm milk applied on elbows is very effective whitener and softener.

·       Equal parts of rose water and glycerin also help
   Soften the elbow skin.

·       Rubbing the rough elbow with kitchen salt also help.

Beauty is a matter of routine

Beauty is a matter of routine

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