Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yummy Mummy
Packing a lunch pack can be a real nightmare because apart from all efforts to make a lunch pack perfectly healthy it should also be attractive, tasty and offer variety.  But such lunch pack ideas don’t happen overnight. It needs planning and organizing to fit into our hectic time schedules.

Here are a few tips to rescue some busy mum’s:


v Meals should include whole grains, vegetables and fruits as well as saturated fats.

v Never ever let your child skip their breakfast that’s like the first rule of the day.

Lunch pack variations

ü Roll chapatti’s   stuffed with some leftover filling with some creamy cheese. Rolls are always fun for children because they are easy to eat.

ü Grill over   some   veggies   into a sandwich. Use a  baking  cutter to  cut  the  sandwiches  into  different shapes to make it attractive.

ü Pick up veggies like cucumbers tossed with salt and bell pepper; humus with cheese bars; baked beans are great add-ons.

ü A previous night’s leftover can sometimes be a great time and energy saver.

ü Always keep the nutrition factor in mind while packing a lunch.  Eg:  Low fat cheese, nuts, lean chicken and low fat yogurt, fruits, greens etc.

ü Pick up their favorite drink, fruit juice, leban (butter milk) or flavored milk.

ü Include a small bottle of water. For fussy drinkers introduce flavored water.

ü Healthy bakes of whole wheat; make pancakes with filling of vegetarian or non vegetarian of their Choice.

ü Rice lovers  can  try  some variations like curd rice , lemon rice,  tomato rice or any other variations.

ü Make a healthy egg salad and for veggies include tofu or soya instead of an egg.

ü Prepare an easy pasta salad by combining diced cucumber tomatoes tofu and   top it with any salad dressing.

ü Mini pizzas are more fun to eat; pack hard bread sticks with dipped with peanut butter or humus or barbeque sauce.

ü Always pack up some nuts and dry fruits.

Sandwich fillings Ideas

Ø Cheese, avocado or sprouts filling.

Ø Grilled cheese with sprouts.

Ø Cheddar or mozzarella cheese with your child’s choice of fruit.

Ø Chicken or seafood salad prepared with celery, lettuce and cherry tomatoes, Cucumber and bell pepper.

Ø Shrimp or tuna   combined with sprouts and toss it with olive oil on the top.

Ø Veggies and fruits add crunch and color to the sandwiches.

Ø Try to combine veggies and fruits in sticks with cheese since children love colors.

Ø Baked red beans with any sauce of their choice, makes it delicious.

Ø Strawberry mixed with cheese.

Ideas for picky eaters

§  Involve your children while preparing lunch pack menu and shopping.

§  Good simple food with assorted eye catching colorful dishes.

§  Pack kid size food like cherry tomatoes, baby banana a bite size carrots or celery, mini cereal boxes and mini boxes of raisins.

§  Don’t make a big deal when your child rejects food, stay cool and give them a choice.

§  Try your own home made dip hummus dip, strawberry or any other fruit dip.

§  Encourage your children to bring leftover lunch at home; looking at leftovers is a great way to get information about your child’s preferences.

§  Sometimes reward your child with special lunch pack of their choice.
Quick tips 

·       Cook in large quantity and freeze the portion but don’t repeat on the next day.

·       Occasionally keep small notes by expressing your love to them.

·       Try and note down all of your child’s favorite food and accordingly se t a menu.

·       Don’t forget to include a sweet treat.

·       “Menu of the day will be good” and place it on top of the lunch pack.

·       On a special occasion your anniversary/birthdays place a small gift in a colorful wrapper.

·       Learn and try to cook one pan recipe.

·       Kids should look forward to open their lunch packs every day.

Most  kids  skip foods   because it takes a lot of effort to eat so make it  simple  and easy like peel oranges, cut the kiwi fruit in halves so children only have to scoop it.

“Suuuuperb Mommy!!!”

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