Sunday, August 28, 2011


When my son-in-law gave me the news that I was going to be a “grandmother”. I was immediately on cloud 9 and got goose bumps all over my body.  Being a grandmother was the last thing I had on my mind but when I learnt I was going to be one; my life changed and my happiness knew no boundaries. 

When the ultrasonic test was done I was very anxiously looking for my baby, my grandchild, my world, my life. The first thing I saw was a very bright pair of sparkling big eyes gazing at me. God! That moment blew my mind.  I was completely amazed I could not utter a word but only stood there completely dumb struck with tears rolling down my cheeks.  I immediately shared this beautiful moment with my family and my daughter. But they only laughed at me and thought I was already going crazy with my grandma mania.

Days passed, soon months passed. One beautiful evening my daughter felt that the special moment had finally arrived.  But I felt a bit low looking at my daughter’s naïve excitement. I humbly prayed God for a smooth delivery.

While I was eagerly waiting outside the operation theater and I couldn’t take the suspense anymore I was called to see my grandchild.  My heart skipped a beat when he looked straight though me with his big bright eyes. Yes I was holding my grandson; my little prince was simply perfect. I could not have asked God for anything more. 

Now I take immense pride being promoted to the senior most position in my family and I am enjoying ever moment of it. And oh yes, my intuition turned out to be true. My baby Dron came up with the same big bright light colored eyes. I so strongly feel the bond towards my grandson and felt this even before he was born. This makes our relationship so special.

Today I feel I am born every day. Exploring new things along with my grandson excites every cell in my body. My day starts and ends with my bundle of joy. His smile is truly to die for. In fact his first smile was preserved only for me. I loved that day and will cherish it forever.
I enjoy capturing pictures and shooting videos of my 
grandson in different outfits, his new stunts, smiles, coos and adorable grunts, giggles and wiggles, playing “Peek A Boo” is all so much fun. I wish to document my feelings and thoughts from the day I found the news of my daughter’s pregnancy, till the day of his birth, watching his accomplished developmental milestones and other special occasions and cherished moments. I am sure this document would be invaluable to my grandchild once he is grown or when he has a family of his own or when he becomes a grandparent himself. Definitely a long long way.


“Being a grandparent is the best job in the world”. 


  1. hi aunty.... i felt so emotional after reading this.. its really so sweet of u n ur feelings:)

  2. beautiful words Aunty.. It touch my heart.. god bless Dron and all the babies in this world.. May almighty give the best of everything.. Have fun wid Dron..

  3. Tks dear Sana I am happy to note that I am able to tune up with younger

  4. hello Mezbaan,lovely tip God bless..all the babies in the world...too gud much to learn from you girls Thanks

  5. wowww usha that was awesome!!!!!!!!!! reading it one can feel the joy that u r experiencing....lots of love and blessings to Dron and may god's blessings be always showered upon him and u all :)

  6. dear vidya,you made my day...tks lot:)

  7. You have expressed your feelings so beautifully Usha.Indeed happy that you are enjoying every bit of being grand mom...That is gr8.God Bless You and your family and the little bundle of joy who has so mesmerised you.....lovley post enjoyed reading !!

  8. Nandinii S Nair DRON is already a celebrity....even bfr he has turned 1 yr old...thks 2 his dynamic ""grandmother"".he he he....

  9. Wow! This is amazing bundle of emotions, expressed so beautifully...