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The secret of good looking is style. In today’s world, everybody wants to keep their skin beautiful and the looks, forever. People of all age groups want to look more attractive, confident and glowing.

Ageing and skin care has always been a hot topic. As we get older our skin changes, as it tends to look dull and dry, sometimes as early as late 30’s, we notice some real changes occurring to our skin. We can delay the appearance of wrinkles, if we can take care of our skin at the right moment.

The ageing of skin, starts from poor diet and lack of exercise. By sticking to a healthy life style, a positive attitude and taking good care of skin, yes, our Life can begin at 40.

The most important skin care tip is water, water and more water!

·         Drinking water is important to keep the skin healthy, supple and soft. Almost all natural skin care recipe is water, for completely cleansing the skin, about 8 glasses of water a day, is a must. After using this water therapy for, say a week, you will be noticing the differences.

·         Keep away from a bar of soap, try to understand what your skin type is. Many women are using the wrong products for their skin.

·         Be careful not to cleanse the face too often, however, washing twice a day is must. If you have dry skin, simply apply cream then wipe it off with face wet tissue. Use warm water to loosen the dirt which helps to clean the pores.

·         Keep your skin moist. A good moisturizer can also reduce the wrinkles and gives the appearance of youthful look, fine wrinkle lines and creases are far less noticeable.

·         Facial done once in a fortnight is very beneficial. It makes the skin to smoothen, fresher, firmer and clean. So it should be included in your regular beauty care routine.

·         Sleep on your back, as sleeping on the sides increases the wrinkle on chin and cheeks. Get enough rest, this helps to maintain the skin supple and more elastic. This routine will delay the onset of skin-ageing.


ü  A healthy nourishing diet is very important, especially the intake of foods like soya, eggs, fish (salmon, sardines, mackerels and tuna) yogurt, rice and pasta. Intake of more vegetables and fruits helps the skin to look younger, more radiant and protects against some effect of photo ageing.

ü  Eating a healthy diet right on time is also a vital to having radiant skin, at least three servings of fruits and leafy vegetables cleanse the body of toxins and helps in improves the metabolism.

ü  Whole grain cereals: this can be found in certain cereals and certain bread. A whole grain meal helps to prevent, peeling off and skin cracks.

ü  Consume Green tea as it provides a wide range of benefits because green tea is loaded with a variety of antioxidants and good food for skin. It delays skin cells from ageing. It smoothens and heals stressed skin and firms it, balancing the tone and repairs from sun damage.

ü  Olives and avocado is good food for skin and it helps to prevent formation of dry skin, it also helps to reduce the wrinkles. Try to keep your face plump, it is essential to have fatty acids, to nourish the skin.

ü  Vitamin C is not just to keep the cold away but it is also effective in keeping the skin wrinkle free. A glass of fresh orange juice makes wonders to your skin tone. Fresh carrot juice can do a lot of good to your skin, drinking a glass of it daily for a fortnight and you will be dumb struck to see the changes.

ü  Stay away from pressure, tension, stress and try to be active always.


“A good face mask can firm and tone your skin; minimizing pores and exfoliating off dead skin, so fresh skin beneath is revealed.”

Ø  Grind a mixture of cabbage, carrot and wheat flour- dip with water and massage your face, for 15 minutes.

Ø   Mashed avocado, mashed cooked carrot, 2 tbsp. cream, 1 beaten egg white, 2 tbs. of honey blend it together and apply for 30minutes.
Ø   Egg white mixed with honey, corn flour, few drops of lemon juice and few drops  of vitamin E oil  applied daily keeps the your skin looking fresh and firm.

Ø  Rinse cold water after half an hour of applying of face-pack, finishing with rich moisturizing cream.

Ø   Grind ripe papaya, make a paste of it and apply over your skin before taking daily bath. This method not only helps removal of wrinkles and also gives glow to your skin.

Ø  Olive oil is the best for wrinkle free treatment. Apply and massage it in the opposite direction of the wrinkles.

Instant face-glowing mask:

·         1 tsp. milk powder, 1 tsp. lemon juice, 1 tsp. honey  and a pinch of turmeric powder; mix all thee ingredients and apply on your face, keep it for 20 min.  Wash your face with lukewarm water, instantly you will notice the soft glowing skin.


v  Take a lukewarm water shower; it is the best way to use a light body oil immediately before drying off. This step seals your skin with natural moisture and repairs your dry cracked and itchy skin, especially in cold weather.

v  Most effective anti-ageing treatment is exercise. Regular 30 min. of exercise enhances the blood circulation, necessary to maintain a healthy skin glow. Exercise also relieves stress and helps in having mental blocks.

v  Wrinkle free treatment should be done every day for 2 months, to get noticeable results.


“Skin reveals the secret of ageing so PRESERVE IT, HANDLE WITH CARE”


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