Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Facebook Manners

Times have changed people used to wake up and read newspapers, now people wake up with FB and go to bed saying goodnight on FB. This addiction has become a great time killer for all age groups.
It is a fun and useful tool to build up relationships and stay connected with friends and family. But there are some unsaid rules which are highlighted below:
Quality and not quantity:
It is not a rat race to see who can get the highest number of friends. Set up your mind as to which type of friends you need; either school mates, college mates or relatives. Do you really want them? Please note if you are perfectly okay with them or if they are not in line with your thinking, ignore them and don’t hesitate.
Personal message:
It is a great place to reconnect with old friends. Do send a message before inviting a friend to FB, as leaving a personal message is a friendly and respectful thing to do.
Selection of photos:
When you add your photographs, you select only your favorite snaps. Kindly do the same when you upload a friend’s photo too because the photos you post on FB will be instantly available to hundreds of people to see. So ask permission before you display the photographs of others. If not, at least be thoughtful enough to consider a good picture. If someone is in their bathing suit or it’s a crazy party scene or if they look bigger than they really are then please don’t publish it.  
Simply simple LIKE
It is a good feeling to share the exciting moments in ones life with friends and family through photographs or a post. Be cool enough to bring a smile on the person’s face by just clicking on “like”; it’s that simple.

A fast checklist
Ø  Don’t get someone who can’t handle internet humor.
Ø  Don’t change your relationship status without consulting the other person.
Ø  Smart conversation is needed whether you are married, single, young or old.
Ø  Don’t steal other people’s friends.
Ø  Don’t start hate group.
Ø  Share and enjoy.
Ø  Be discreet when posting message in another person’s wall
Ø  FB is slowly kills personal life, so learn where to draw the line.
Ø  If one goes through some ugly experience on FB, always remember “I don’t even know him/her”…won’t stand up because we always have a choice in accepting a friend invite, right?
Ø  Appreciation is very important that shows your character towards other people, a few words: ‘thank you’ and ‘likes’ doesn’t cost anything but remember you can bring smiles on faces.
Ø  If someone has sent you a message; be polite enough to reply back.
Ø  Wishing on their birthday or any other special occasion is a wonderful way to keep in touch.
Ø  Stupidity or jealousy can break a relationship.
Face Book has allowed us to share our lives, beliefs, problems with the people we know and love. It is also helps us create our own identity; the best part is we are just a click away from people that we have not met for years.
 “It’s a transparent world, be yourself”

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