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Refined flour (maida) 1 cup

Gram flour 1tbs

Sugar 3 tbsp

Soda-bi-carbonate 1/4tsp

Water ¾ cup

Green chilies 2 (mince)

Ginger 1/2’ ’ (scrape cut and mince)

Oil for deep fry
Salt to taste


  Mix salt, sugar, soda bi carbonate with water and finally add refined flour,   gram flour and mix well.

 Cover and keep it for fermentation for at least for 5 hour. (in cold place warm microwave for a minute and place the mix)

  Heat oil in a deep pan take a lemon size of the batter mix and deep fry till it turns into pale brown.

§  Serve with chutney.

Fresh Coriander leaves chutney


Grated coconut ½ cup

Green chilies 6

Ginger ½’’piece

Corriender leaves 1 small bunch

Small dates 1

Lemon ½ (extract juice)

Salt to taste


Grind all the above ingredients adding little water. Squeeze lime juice.

Mangalore buns


Refined flour 2 cups

Gram flour 2 big desert spoon

Plantain 2 (yellow in color)

Sugar 3 tbs

Buttermilk 1 cup or curds ½ cup

Soda bi carbonate 1 tsp

Jeera  2 tsp

Salt to taste

Oil for deep fry


 Mix  maida, salt, sugar, soda bi carbonate, plantain, jeera  and curds in water to kneed  a dough  and keep it  for 6 hours to ferment. (It should be nearly double the size)

Divide into lemon size balls. Roll each portion into1/2cms thick and 3’’ diameter.

 Heat oil in a deep fry pan and deep fry.



4 green chilies


Coriander leaves a small bunch

Crush all these ingredients in a blender and add to the dough.



Bengal gram 1 cup

Dry red chilies 4

Grated coconut 1/4cup

Finely cut thin slices of few pieces coconut

Curry leaves 4 stem

Onion 1 small  size  chopped  finely(optional)

Oil for deep fry


 Soak gram dal for 2 hours.

Grind coarsely with red chilies, gram daal add coconut before removing from the grinder. Add finely chopped onions, coconut pieces, crushed curry leaves add salt.

 Take a lime size balls, flatten it and deep fry in oil until it turns into golden brown.



Bengal gram powder 1 cup

Onion thinly cut into thin long strips

Chaat powder 1tsp(optional)

Chilly powder 2tsp

A pinch soda bicarbonate

Salt to taste

Oil for deep fry


o   Mix salt, chili powder, Bengal gram powder and soda bi carb. Combine together and make a thick batter finally add onion.

o   Heat oil on a frying pan. Take a tbs and pour the mixed ingredients into hot oil. Remove from the fire when it turns to crispy golden in color.

o   (Do not keep the batter for more than 10minutes after mixing of onions)



Vegetables 2 cups (carrot, peas, beetroot, beans, cauliflower cut Into small pieces shell out  the  peas )

Onion 2(cut  into small square cubes)

Potato 2(boiled and mash not into a paste)
Green chilies 3 finely chopped

1/2tsp  Garam masala powder

1/4cup grated coconut

Salt to taste

Oil for deep fry

For covering the bonda

Bengal gram powder ½ cup

Chilly powder 1 tsp

Turmeric powder 1/2tsp

Asafetida 1/2tsp(optional)

Soda bis carbonate a big pinch


*    Mix Bengal gram powder, chilly powder, asafetida powder.

*    And salt with little water and set  aside  the prepared batter.

*    Keep a deep a pan in a low flame  add 2tbs oil in which add mustard seed  and curry leaves  when mustard seed is done put chopped Onions  sauté it  for a 2minutes add finely chopped green chilies mix all  the vegetables.

*    Fry for a minute and pour 1/2cup of water and keep it for boil. After it is done add grated coconut , garam masala powder sprinkle 1/2lime juice sprinkle chopped coriander leaves. ( the filling should be dry)

*    Prepare lemon size balls and place it on a plate.

*    Keep oil for frying dip the prepared balls into the batter (coating) and deep fry.

*    Serve hot with chutney or Tomato sauce.



Refined flour    ( maida)  4 cups

Fried  rava 2 big table spoon (fried without adding oil)

Gram flour 2dsp


Coconut 1cup grated

Urid dal 1spoon

1/2tsp mustard seed

Curry leaves 4 stem

Asafetida powder 1/4tsp

Chilly powder 3 tsp

Sugar  1 tbspoon( can add more )

Salt to taste

Oil for deep fry


       For 1/2cup water and knead refined flour and salt to taste prepare a  dough (kneed properly) and keep aside.

        Filling preparation

        Take a pan and pour 2-3tbs oil heat and add mustard seed urid dal and curry leaves .Mix with coconut, chilly powder, sugar, asafetida powder and  gram flour and rava and salt mix well.

       Prepare puris from the maida mix
        Place the filling In the centre and fold and roll the puri size.

       Take a deep pan pour oil after it is well heated fry the stuffed puris.

Mangalore  Jackfruit  Buns by Kushal shetty


1 1/2 cup Maida

2tbs ghee( for greasing the hands)

1/2 cup wheat flour and sour curds

1/3 cup jackfruit (puree)

3tbs powdered sugar

1/2tsp baking powder and salt to taste

oil for deep fry


Combine all the ingredients except oil,kneed like a chapathi dough.
Keep it covered in warm place for about 6-7hours.
Roll out  slightly thicker than normal puree.

Serve with coconut chutney

Wheat Buns ( By Padmanayana  Oman)


2 cup - wheat flour
1 tbsp - gram flour
1 - banana
1 tsp - baking pd
1 tbsp - sugar or to taste
1 cup - curd
1 tsp - salt
2 tbsp - oil

Method :

1.Make dough with curd, salt, sugar, baking pd and banana.
2. Then add flour, add 2tbsp oil and mix nicely.
3. Keep it aside covered for 5 hours.
4. Roll into pooris and deep fry.
5. Serve with sambaar or chicken curry.

Enjoy Eating :)



  1. Aunt!! Thank you so so much.. Buns are my all time fav..Never tried making Biscuit roti. will make them one day.. I got this book name"Mangalore ladies club book. they have few good kudla recipes. Konkani writer Jaya Shenoy is good as well..But still looking for BUNTS cooking. Let me know if you find any.. HAPPY BLOGGING
    Luv Asma

  2. Hi Usha Ji,
    Thank you very much...for the recipes... its helps us to learn Mangalore famous recipes.. keep blogging...

    with love,