Monday, June 20, 2011


Teenagers have grown completely different compared to 10 years ago. Many parents describe teenagers as if they were a different species, forgetting that they too were at this stage, before. It is true, handling the teens, is one of the toughest skill for the parents.  The growing stage of a child is very delicate time in every parent’s lives.

When teen talks to you listen to them first, make sure you pay attention to what he/she is saying and don’t put down his/her thoughts and beliefs.  Sympathize with your child, if your teenager comfortable with hug and kisses, tell them how much you love them.

The dynamics between you and your son/daughter is changing so quickly, it is challenging to stay focused. You have to be effective parent and role model to your children.

Ask about his/her friends, their interests and suggestions; you can even seek their opinion. Have common interest with your teens, and try to build them up. Show your teens that he/she can have fun and relax with you, discus the issue like dating, drugs and school.

Talk about some of the mistakes you made while growing up. Show your teenager that you too are not perfect, either.  Spend some quality time together; refrain from giving them advice, unless your child specifically asks for it. Be there for your teens; even attend to any athletic event or any informative fairs.

Build up strong relationship be patient allow them to grow up at their own space and own time. Teens that are close to their parents often have high self esteem. Try your level   best GOOD RELATION with your teen’s means that you can be their friend, their parent and their confident.
You can listen to their deepest secret, Want your teens to be trust worthy, responsible and compensate?  Make sure you are molding that clause   from your own life.  Praises, where it deserves, shows that you have noticed their efforts. It also promotes the feeling of competency; show your love, eating dinner together every night, sharing the incident of the day will be very helpful. This builds up interaction between the family members, which leads to the healthy and strong relationship.

Another main responsibility of the parent to make their children goal oriented. Teenage children have lot of energy, high emotional level and a mind which can easily be distracted. Therefore, the parents should make sure that they give direction to the minds of the children, and make them remain focus on their goal. Planning for their future is more important rather than just hanging out with the friends and partying.

Working parents need to see this problem more critically; the parents should not forget that their children need them and their attention more than materialistic luxuries. If the parents are more involved in their work, children start to find their parent in the internet and other technology sources, the communication between the child parents minimize just for asking for money from the parent. Parents need to understand they must   give ‘quality time’ to their family.

 When our children reach puberty our lives change dramatically. Our cute, cuddly children suddenly become moody, rebellious teenagers. We parents often feel left alone and helpless for them, as it is a time of great confusion and fear.
With good counseling individual can build up a healthy loving relationship while still affording them a healthy independence. That will carry them through to a perfect adult-hood.



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