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 ‘Men- o-pause’   may be a funny play on words, but it is no laughing matter to millions of women. Menopause is an important time in women’s life. Age and Menopause seems to be going hand in hand. A time when her menstrual periods come to an end, there it starts an important phase of ageing process which is quiet natural.

Menopause is major life change and it can bring on lot of weird symptoms due to the extreme level of hormone fluctuations. A woman approaches menopause the warning sign that set in irregular periods, night sweats, disorientation (mental confusion) blotting and hot flushes. The most common sign of menopause is weight gain, hot flushes, depression and sleeplessness.

Some reports are said that only 50 percent of people get menopause symptoms. Hot flushes and lack of concentration are widely associated with it. Also, it has sign that show of mood swings that are very common during this period.

Headaches due to menopause add significant inconvenience and it is believed that women suffer from migraine, although intensity of this headache decreases with the age. It is important to look into its causes and possible remedies.   

The other menopause symptoms that more people are familiar include night sweats, vaginal dryness and itching. One scary thing when it comes to health and wellness during menopause that some women may experience is partial memory loss. Initially you may feel like you’re losing your mind. Sex drive may either increases or decreases.

Clearly if it is causing you problems, you should consult a doctor for a through check-up, just to be sure.

Another symptom is dry skin. There are number of treatments available to ease the symptoms of menopause. It helps you to naturally reduce the symptoms, for example to keep a healthy balance diet and taking vitamin supplements, as advised by the doctor.

There are very few women experiencing menopause, in their early stages. It can occur anytime between 45 yrs.  & 55 yrs., though, there are instances where it sets in during late 30’s and 40’s too. Menopause brings with it the symptoms and conditions that vary from woman to woman.

It is must be understood that when experiencing menopause effects, that these are not life threatening alignments.


Don’t forget your clean & healthy lifestyle can help to improve, the negative aspects of menopause. Regular exercise really reduces the hot flushes and restores good & sound sleep.

Mind & body relaxing techniques, such as yoga, breathing exercises, massage therapy, are also popular among menopausal women.

Another important thing that should be kept in mind while dealing with menopausal migraine is that one should maintain & develop a positive approach in handling these headaches.

Keeping check on your stress level and adequate rest is vital.

The intake of whole grain such as rice, barley, maize, wheat -which can be taken in boiled, stewed or in soup form; it is essentials to add fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. The leafy vegetables contain lot of vitamins- A and C.

Dark chocolates – yes ladies, it is wonderful gift to women as it is full of antioxidants and nutrients.

Stay cool, keep cold drink handy & sip it frequently. Run the air conditioner or open the window, when you feel it is too stuffy in the room.

Start reading books or take indoor activities so that can help you to divert your mind, also it is time to meet your old friends.


The most important way you can help your partner through this period, is to be very supportive and understanding.

If she had mood swings, not sleeping properly etc., talk to her just like you, as she is probably very confused about what is happening to her life, her body and her mind.

Remember this is the time for transition for both of you and it takes lot of patience and good communication.

A man should understand what is happening to his life partner and asses as to how he can be of help?  Educate yourself on the process of menopause, both physical and emotional, that will help you to understand that she is going through a difficult phase of her life.

She is growing up, leaving her childhood behind and moving into her second adulthood.


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