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Traditionally, baby showers were given only for the family's first 
child, and only women were invited.
Baby shower is an interesting ceremony which is performed all over the country. It means FILL THE LAP with abundance. In G.S.B community it is known as SEEMANTHA and in Hindi Godh barayi.

When a pregnant women is completed her  6 months ,the baby is assumed to be in a safe phase, so the celebration is before completing of 7months to welcome a little one to the family and literally mother-to be’s  lap  filled with gifts , jewelry , flowers ,fruits and sweets to bless her with abundant  joys of motherhood.

This ceremony at first held in her husband’s house and once again celebrated in her parental house. Friends will throw a surprise party to expected mothers it is just to pamper a mother-to –be!

The expectant women is dressed like a complete bride with jewelery. Mostly the expectant mother uses green color. Green is the color of fresh energy and new beginning, nourishing to our health, it calms your nerves and balances your whole body. The color green also symbolizes hope, renewal and peace.

The ceremony:
The expectant mother is asked to sit on a sofa/chair and her pallu is placed on her godh. Now starts the godh barai ceremony. All the women attending the ceremony, apply teeka on her forehead and make her wear green bangles and feed her sweets and place gifts.  The mother of the expectant mother will give gifts to her daughter and her son-in –law and her blessings and will make an arathi along with some elderly women of the house and in order to shower blessings to her daughter.

Latter the expectant mother thanks all elders by touching   their feet. Lastly they celebrate the impending arrival of the child by singing and dancing.
While the rituals followed various parts of the country, it may differ but the essence remains same-“welcoming a new member in the family and honoring and pampering the mother-to-be.

Modern days

Since it is an exclusive women’s ceremony; Baby shower is also a marked with fair amount of teasing and fun. It may include some game such as guessing the gender of the baby by the size and shape of the pregnant women’s belly. It is also includes dressing like a like pregnant lady, games related to the baby etc.

The mother-to-be is offered with gifts of a newborn. It is a wonderful way for the family and friends to celebrate together an arrival of a new member.

Few Helpful Tips

·         It is important to select sari or lahenga  or salwar suits  for the occasion according to the weather and comfort of the pregnant women.
·         It is good idea to get adequate rest before the ceremony as it may be hectic and tiresome.

·         It may be great idea to hire women to create   mehendi designs on the hands of your guests.
·         Decoration of the room brings in the festive mood for the occasion.
·         An Invitation card is a great idea, gives a warm feeling to the occasion.
·         You may want to keep small tokens of appreciations ready for each  guests such as haldi  kumkum boxes or anyother small take away gifts.
·         Pretty green colored bangles.


Blessings and good luck to mama’s- to- be. 

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