Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today’s over schedule mother has to juggle with children, house work, marriage and career. Balancing a career with a happy life may take planning and fore thought .Women that make an effort   to put together this; make their own success strategy and prove that really have it all.
No matter how good or bad the strategy may be. Working mom’s tend to have less time for themselves. But self-time is very essential to keep you balanced and calm both at work and at home. 
So here are a few tips for the “balancing act” to be a little easier.

·         Use a planner

Rough mental notes can be blended with today’s world by using your phone or IPod Even a small paper pocket calendar is easy for you to enter or to retrieve information or to receive reminders; Ironically writing things down actually helps your brain to remember better.
1.       When you have some family plans after work, do your best to keep them.
2.       Plan weekends and holidays, and enjoy every minute of it.
3.       At home make sure you give every family member the attention and love they need and deserve.
4.       Find something you can do together like swimming, cycling, dancing and other activities so that the whole fly will enjoy.

       Daily to do list

 A daily “to do” list is a simple tool but it saves you from wasting time or worrying about that you may have forgotten something.

         Kitchen planning

1.       Set a daily menu this will help you to plan your day in the kitchen by giving extra attention for all at home at the same time.
2.       Plan children’s lunch box with some variety.  And by keeping the “nutrition factor” in mind.
3.       Don’t try to clean up all at once all by yourself try using some of your own tactics in getting your family involved.

         Time planning

1.       Take time to think about your habits and try to analyze which habits are really consuming so much of your time; what bothers you the most. So that it may be the first thing to work on or drop.
2.       Plan your children’s study time
3.       Setting time for your child from watching TV or using the computer is vital. 

·         Organize your space

Make space for your relaxing time or self time.  If you want to listen to music, reading, exercise, net surfing etc set up your time this will help you to more balanced.

General guidelines

·         Write down your feelings of fear and all things you are going through; sometimes it gets the feeling out without blowing up at another person.
·         Find a good friend someone you can trust and talk with.
·         Assign everyone a chore, It will take sometime to enforce their duty but in the long run it will work.
·         Take care of yourself, taking time for exercise, hobbies or even bit of pampering can help to you to recharge and energize extensively.
·         Accept   and admit you aren’t super women, if something doesn’t get done the world will not stop revolving. But remember you will always be a super mom to your kids.

Very often women feel tired and alone. They feel isolated and defeated and wonder if there is any relief from all this juggling.  Fortunately or unfortunately those same children will grow up and become independent very soon. Life is all yours once again peaceful and calm and you may sometimes then miss these chaotic times.

Working moms may sometimes feel guilty of not spending time with their children or not seeing them grow.  Firstly remove the guilt completely out of your system. Because the good news is that kids do benefit in many ways their early exposure to social situation. A working mother is also a different kind of role model for a child. Working moms should take some time to play with their children in order to build lasting bonds. When kids look back on their childhood, they should remember plenty of fun times. So be flexible and go along the joy ride with prayer and strength.

Happy juggling! :D


  1. Rekha Nayak Very Nice Ushakka....:))
    29 February

  2. This is amazing Usha Aunty. Prayer and Strength - Very well said..