Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grooming not just for women anymore!

Self confidence is one of the biggest impacts for a man.  A man who has large amount of self confidence   will go far in both of his personal and professional life. Along with self confidence comes motivation.  When he feels good about himself, he feels motivated to succeed in life. He feels better mentally, physically and emotionally, so it is important for men to feel good about themselves.

Whenever we talk about beauty care tips we focus on women mostly. But men’s grooming is as important as it is for women. They also love their appearance and want to improve it, by removing the flaws to enhance their look.


For men skin care is mere a after thought; beyond   the world of shaving their faces, it is rare for a man to devote time to his skin. Additionally as we age our skin loses its elasticity thus we develop wrinkles   and fine lines, for these reasons alone proper skin care is important.
·         Use a face scrub once in a week which removes the dead skin cells, whiteheads and blackheads. Follow it up with a home- made face pack or with readymade packs.
·         Don’t hesitate to get a facial done occasionally in the beauty saloon or at home.
·         To protect the skin from   wrinkles and skin damage always use a sun block.
·         Quit smoking and see how you automatically retain your healthy glow.
·         Eyes always give away your true age or the fact that you were out last night or working a report. Use any specialist eye-cream to get rid of puffiness or wrinkles.
·         Wear sunglass outside; the sun damages eyes and protects the eyes from dust.


Eyebrows help shape your eyes and character.
·         Don’t be reluctant to trim your eyebrows it is important to keep them trimmed and well groomed
·         Never shave your eyebrows for quick fix you will regret it latter.
·         Shaping and plucking eyebrows requires knowledge and experience. Make an appointment at your local   saloon to get the eyebrows done regularly.


·         Men have it easy with hair care. All you need to do is wash, nourish, condition and dry.
·         You can look even better by giving little extra attention to your facial hair and hair style.
·    Do not wash your hair with warm or hot water always us luke warm or cool water. Avoid   towel   drying   or blow drying your hair which will can lead to considerable   hair loss  and ultimately baldness.   
·         Allow your hair to naturally air dry and do not brush wet hair.
·         To tackle grey hairs get a hair color to match your skin tone.
·         Trim your armpits hair in hot weather less the hair lesser the bacteria and lesser the smell think about it….


·         Having tidy nails will impress your date better and let you run your fingers over her flawless skin.
·         Pay attention to your hands and   feet; you can scrub your feet on a regular basis. Manicured nails and toes contribute to a good hygiene and grooming habits. Make time to clip and file your nails at home.
·         Foot odor is common among many men. Scrub your feet daily and allow them to dry completely. Insert a pair of Odor-Eaters Insoles inside your shoes, which will absorb wetness and odor.


  1.          Stay away from the beige color shirts it is a bad color for shirts, rarely good color for some.
  2.         In hot weather use light colored cotton shirts and socks, this will absorb less heat and sweat stain will be less visible.
  3.         Wear a dress with proper ironing.
  4.        Everyone notices a killer smile so make sure a good dental hygiene which means a dazzling smile.
  5.        The Eyes are the windows. Use eye drops to whiten the eyes for fresher and younger look.
  6.         Your belt and shoe color should match and so should your trouser and socks.
  7.         Apply cologne before getting dressed to avoid any direct stains.
  8.        It is best to stay away from the horizontal lined shits or t-shirts, unless you are tall and lean. Horizontal lines can make you appear short and heavier. Solid colors make you slim.
  9.           French blue, which is a medium rich blue  is  a flattering color for  most  skin tones.
  10.            Wear clothes that fit you, keep short sleeves for casual and evening wear.            

1.     Eat a healthy balanced diet and get some regular exercise. Never skip breakfast. Keep your intake of coffee and fast food to a minimum. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only you feel better and have more energy   but it will  improve  the look of your skin and hair.
Man you need to maintain!


  1. @Usha Aunty@ Thanks!!!!
    Good tips !!!
    Only now I knew about this article !
    Nice to see a an article for Men in Mama's guide !

  2. Thanks Usha. Nice article, Good to know about the things, which we always neglect as we feel its not important. Ranjith

  3. Hi Usha

    I just love your blog.Can you please suggest some good hairstylist in Mangalore? I was informed about Solace spa and Fringge but don't know which one to go to for hairstyle
    and any place where facial is good...

    thanks and regards
    pls write more on beauty section

  4. Happy to note you read my blog.Regarding your facial i think in opposite to Vrindavan (Falnir)you will find a Beauty clinic you can contact DR Sony she is the best person to guide you.Soon I will come up with hair styling post:)tc