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SARASWATI PUJA on 11th 2013

‘’Saraswati  Pooja’’ is celebrated  for the Goddess Saraswati is a river as well as its personification as a goddess.In the post-vedic age,she began to lose her status as a river goddess became increasingly assosiated with litreature,arts and music etc.
In Hinduism Saraswati is an extremely beautiful women with milky white complexion and normally wears white clothes.She represent intelligence,consciousness ,cosmic 
knowledge,creativity,education,enlightenment,music ,the arts eloquence and power.Hindus worship her not for academic knowledge but for divine knowledge. She is the mother
 of vedas , Saraswati is the daughter of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga It is believed   that goddess Saraswati  endows human beings with the powers of speech,wisdom and learning.

The Goddess Saraswati sits or stands on a water lily and has four arms. With one of her hand, she is presenting a lotus to her husband Bramha and on the other hand holds a book of palm leaves indicating knowledge. With other two, she is playing a stringed musical instrument called Veena.
Being the Goddess of learning, she is evoked or worshipped when a child is sent to achieve knowledge & education. This day is considered very auspicious for all those who are starting their education or learning of musical instruments and dance.
During Dasara Saraswati puja is very auspicious for beginners.

  steps of Pooja at home:
Choose the time according to the convenience of all the members of the family.
Time-   Pooja should be performed at home either in the morning hrs before 12 p.m. or after the sunset.
Preparation for the Pooja:
  • Two Diyas
  • Fresh flowers: Jasmine or any other scented flower. One can also use silver flowers, in case you don’t find real flowers. These silver ones can always be washed & reused.
  • Fruits: Arrange five types of fruits or some dry fruits or even sweets any type of sweets that you can either buy from the market or freshly made at home.
  • Haldi & Kumkum
  • Akshata which is prepared with a little rice mixed with Haldi and Kumkum
  • Incense sticks
Aarti Method:
  • Light Diyas.
  • Make sure some scared books like the Bhagvad Gita or any knowledge books are kept
  • Children can also keep their school books and participate in the Pooja. “This used to be the favorite part to my kids, they used to continue to keep their books for 3-4 days and expect the goddess to do their holiday homework and also a getaway from studies”
  • As an offering (naivedya) to the Goddess Saraswati mix banana pulp with milk (raw), honey, sugar and ghee. This mixture is called the Panchamrith”.
  •  Apply Haldi and Kumkum to Goddess Saraswati
  • Put flowers and light Incense sticks
  • Set all the fruits and sweets in front of Goddess
  • After  the Aarti  distribute some Akshata to all the members in the house who are present in this Pooja and chant the above mantra and ask for  the Goddess knowledge and grace.
  • In the end before concluding ask for her forgiveness if any mistake/s was done unknowingly while performing the Puja.
  • Put the Akshata and pray.
Namaste Sharada Devi Kashmeera Puravasini
Twamaha Prathehe Devi Vidya Dhanam Cha Dehe Me” 

As Goddess Laxmi bestows us with wealth, so does Goddess Saraswati bestows us with knowledge and enlightenment. Wisdom and knowledge are as essential as Wealth. Wealth can be stolen but not Wisdom.

May Goddess SARASWATI bless you and your family.


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