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Diwali Preparations



Diwali – the festival of lights is one of the most prominent festivals among the Hindus.Diwali is celebrated for 5 days in a row and one of the auspicious days is celebrated as Laxmi Pooja. And in order to bestow our lives with the goddess divine blessings, we decorate our homes with colors and lights.

Tips of Diwali decorations

Rangoli is a tradition in India and and involving a lot of fun creativity and handwork especially for me.

Diwali means light and festivity ,so do up the living room is bright,cheery colors like red,orange,pink and yellow.This also enhances the space by making it look bigger.Use glossy,shiny fabric for your cushion covers and curtains.This will automatically feflect the glow of the diyas and candles and lights make your room look warm.

Corners that feel empty can be decorated with small rangolis and flowers.

Experiment with diyas, traditional ones look great,but try using a variety,such as hanging diyas decorative candles.A white tube-light is stark and kills the festivity ambiance.Once again experiment with bulbs,chandeliers and lampshades.Focus on lighting up separate sitting spaces to get together.
Traditional diyas have a special significance in quiet a few household.
Use  a traditional Diwali decorative to adore your entrance doors.
Put up doos hanging embellished with embroidery,mirrors and bells.

Also place  earthen diyas on the floor and illuminate your facade.

Hanging bell outside your door  and let your guests have some fun.
A new upholstery and curtains may not be necessary,just hunt in your wardrobe for an old jari sari or colorful duppattas and hung them as decorative curtains.The traditional silk sarees or that matter bright plain chiffon sarees can be good options.

Duppattas over the tables and also a nice silk dark colored Stoll on the sofa would create the festive atmosphere.  

 Fireworks symbolize festivity I missed it very badly in UAE rather than custom or tradition on Dewali.The use of crackers on Dewali in an expression of celebration and another way to spreading light over the  darkness  (night) Although burning of crackers has been popular activity of the festival among st all age groups.

  • Gift wrapping ideas
Exchanging gifts and sweets during diwali could also be very exciting.  Getting your kids involved will make them look forward for this festival.
·         Try making your signature sweet box. Keep a Diya along with sweet box or any other small brass or candles artifact.
·         Using Colored glass wrappers with thick ribbons adds on.
·         Sticking cloth like bandini prints, mirror work, applic/ patch work or satin over sweet boxes also makes it look attractive.
·         A surprise gift for your husband and kids is always precious.
·         Making the Gift wrap’s take the shape of a Diya or a fire cracker would be innovative.

Why not having lunch or dinner with family and guests  with a traditional  ambiance.Choice is yours!

Dressing up

Set your personalized dressing style for this festival. Buying new clothes may not be necessary.
  • A latest and trendy contrast colored choli for an old heavy sari would save the purpose.
  • An old ghagra with a choli of any sari can be mixed matched with a beautiful duppatta giving you the look of a Rajasthani princess.
  • Hair can be accessorized with jewelery or golden colored artificial flowers.
  • Henna or Mehendi designs on your palm will make you groove into festival aura.
Beauty care

Fresh supple looking skin 

A quick beauty treatment at home is always a yess!!!
 To creat the appearance of beautifying skin you all need -

Ripe banana 1
 Honey 3tbs
 Sandalwood powder 2tbs

This will make  paste that can be applied to the face.This glowing skin facial mask works as a deep cleanser to moisten dry skin and give a radiant glow.

For Wrinkled Skin to Smooth-

To smooth out fine lines and wrinkles on the face,you will need almond and milk and leaving the glass to sit out overnight.

Next, take the almonds out same milk and remove the brown skin.

Grind the soaked almonds and add them to a small amount of the same milk to form a paste.

The milk is beneficial to the face as it naturally cleanse pores to leave your face feeling fresh and clean.

Almonds contain vitamin A which moisturize the skin.

Nail every night rub some olive oil and gently push cuticles.

Soft Beautiful Hands 
1tsp sugar granuals
1tbs coconut milk

Apply this in your hands,scrub it for few minutes  and apply few drops of lime juice and olive oil and leave it overnight.

Glossy Strong Hair

1 tbs of lime juice
2 egg whites
Apply it to your hair after keeping it for 30minutes.
Wash with good shampoo and conditioner.
Drink minimum 8-10 glasses of water regularly.

A special sweet recipe

Though most of the sweets nowadays are purchased from out. Do make it a point to make at least one special sweet at home. 
The recipe of one of our favourite family sweet is given below. Most of my family & friends wait for this annual
 home- made fare :D  

who wants to try hands in making sweet! 

It will be ready in a jiffy,with the simple ingredients,but taste 

will be great,soft they just melts in your mouth.....

All purpose flour burfi is really easy to make,especially for 



All purpose flour 1/2k.g
sugar   1 cup
Ghee 1/3 cup
vanilla essence 3-4drops
 nuts  6-8 nos
 water to make syrup
Saffron 1 pinch (dissolve in 2tsp of water)


In a pan heat all the ghee and fry cashew  nuts to golden brown and then add  slowly flour and fry in a low flame till the flour gets fried evenly.

In a heavy bottom pan  heat the sugar with little water to immerse the sugar,to one string consistency. (if you pour the syrup in little cold water it should form one string consistency) Now add the saffron mix water and put off the flame.

Remove from the stove and add the fried maida and keep on string.

Observe when the mixture gets thickened spread in a plate spread evenly in the greased plate.The surface should be smoothand leveled.

After it gets cooled down,still warm , grease the knife and cut into desired shapes.After it completely cools down transfer the burfi into another plate and tap gently.

Your burfy is ready..tastes great just melts in the mouth:)
Hosting traditional Indian costume parties is another way spreading the Diwali fervor. 

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  1. Great post about diwali preparations. In our home, we start putting up our Diwali decorations and prepare for the festival to come. shopping, cooking, cleaning and shopping.

    Happy Diwali to all!