Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Journey to the Spiritual world

Today I can proudly call me as  a  sadak after attaining my  Guru’s  Deeksha,my whole life has been changed .

As a person I was restless short temper and self centered until one day a sadak had entered my life,  he had invited me  one of the satsang  which was held in Mangalore at Town hall  in 2012  in December and he told me there would be a chanting of Durga Shapatadi.

I was happily accepted his invitation because I was trying to chant Durga Saptahati shlokas part by part  through  CD but the script was  in sanskrit so it was a tough job for me.

 As I heard Avadoot Babaji my first thought is I had baba’s connection from last 6 yrs every morning used to watch his  programmed in TV.

I found his way of teaching is totally different TUM CHAHTE KYA HO he would say all  the time it was a very impressive and the  years passed I have forgotten the whole thing, my daughter’s marriage and the birth of my grandson,  I was totally occupied with my own world. 

After I attended the shibir for 6 days and I had started to chant Durga saptashati  at home  by Babji’s grace I have got and very positive energy within me and I found  changes in my behavior i had become calm and very helpful and the guests felt very comfortable and felt the energy level is high at home  and I was quiet happy for a period of time.

Once again my desire to attend  the shibir become very strong.Last Year on 2013  when my visit to India,I heard Baba's shibir will be holding in Indore.But being very optimistic ,my meeting with my Guru   not stopped me..When my husband was down I   had expressed my desire to attend the Indore shibir and also told him if he is not interested to stay out  and we both decided to travel to attend the shibir.While I am traveling I always felt my Guru is along with me and I could feel his presence all the time. For my surprise my husband enjoyed Babaji's shibira lot.
..My 7days shibir is one of the mile stone of my life.
I was totally surprised to see the big crowd all over from India it looked like another world people were very warm friendly and happy. While  I see Avadoot Baba Swami Shivanandji’s my heart skip the beating ....because I was always praying Babaji  and requesting him to see him personally . To be honest right from  my childhood Lord Shiva was my favorite and  I was sure Lord shiva connected me with my Guru. 

And hear onward my journey went turned into another direction I start visiting to few shivirs and  met  few divine  sadaks who  has changed my life.
In chennai shivir there were many NRI's from all over the world,young  and divine souls ..looking at them i start questioning myself where was I ? am I too late?  And sincerely hope I am not so late ....I was surprised to see the young  girls running to help a hand while serving,cleaning the plates etc.
Especially  in Goa  the foreigners  were the highest  followers of Babaji, their chanting of   swadhya   (bhajans) I really fell like hiding under my chair.....


I am the creator of my own destiny.

I choose excellent health for myself,I choose prosperity for myself,
and I choose wonderful loving relationship for myself.

 I am here not to have fear,anger,disease or suffering but just to give love unconditional love.

 I don't give others the powers to choose for ME...Why let others choose for you?

Awaken your God you name it as Allah,Ram or Jesus he is within you! Before sleeping call Him and He comes.


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