Friday, July 26, 2013

Floating Market !!!

Bangkok was formerly known as the Venice of the East.A floating market is a market where vendors sell things right off their boats, from the side of the canal.
it’s a fun to watch where many boats dock together and serve an array of amazing Thai food!

 Floating market seems really like an unique experience to get a sense into thai life.   I was truly impressed by the parking lot of boats on the canal and the way they served food rapidly to all the demanding orders. Many people got around by boat, or even went to the market to sell their goods directly from their boat.Floating in the canal are numerous wooden boats all weighted down with food and produce and other cooking accessories necessary for a self sufficient boat bobbling eatery Each boat owners proudly specializes in their own specialised
Thai Food.

 I awarded myself with a winning plate of tender lip licking squid(100BHT)The accompanying sauce was on outstanding sauce mean outstanding combination of lime,chilli and garlic that dressed the squid in an exciting flavour
Made me simply ummmm:)

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