Saturday, November 3, 2012

Laxmi Pooja

13th November Tuesday 2012

Worship of a mother goddess has been a part of Indian tradition since its earliest times.Lakshmi is the goddess of light, wisdom, wealth, prosperity, fertility, generosity, good fortune and wealth.

 She is also the embodiment of beauty and grace. She protects her devotes like a mother from kinds of miseries, providing ample amount of wealth.

Lakshmi pooja falls on the dark night of amavasa ( 13th Tuesday 2012). It is the main event on Diwali; It is believed that the Goddess Lakshmi visits everyone’s house that night and would decide to reside forever if she is impressed. 

Lord Ganesh and Lord Kubera are worshipped on the day.No pooja is performed without paying customary tributes to Lord Ganesha.Lord Kubera, represents wealth,and he is the treasure of Gods in homes,usually the locker or safe in which gold and cash is kept symboilically represent the seat of Kubera.

Simple must do’s

       Light small clay lamps filled with oil near door steps to welcome the Goddess home who brings prosperity to her devotees.

       Keep the house clean, it is also said that the Goddess doesn’t reside long with anyone who is lazy and desires only wealth from her.Light the lamp or candles all around the house.

     No corner of the house be left in darkness.

  Many buy a gold or silver coin on Danteras and the coin is worshiped on the day of  Lakshmi pooja

On a raised platform spread a new cloth.    Place a handful of rice in the centre and ,on this place a Kalsah. Fill the Kalash with coins,  silver and gold coins and place a betal nut and some rice grains in it.

 And arrange mango leaves in the Kaalsh. Place a thali on the  Kalash and fill rice grians haldi and preferably lotus flower or draw  and place the idol of  Goddess Laxmi over it. 

     On the right place the idol of Ganesha should be kept.Light lamp and begin the pooja by offering haldi ,kumkum and flowers and incense sticks.

     Make panchambritha with 5 ingredients of milk,curd,ghee,sugar and honey

    Start with Ganesh Pooja Ganesh pooja a must for Diwali pooja  He is the Lord of Wisdom and remover of obsticles.Offer flowers sweets cocanut and fruits after reciting Ganesh mantra and 
     perform arthi.

      Now invoke goddess Laxmi by reciting the mantras .Place the idol of Laxmi in a thali and bath  her with water,panchabritha and then with water again wipe the idol and place it back on the Kalash.
     Offer sandalwood paste haldi kumkum and flowers to the goddess
      Make an offering of cocanut,fruits and sweets. Finally perform  the arathi with  all your  family together.

     After the pooja sprinkle few akshata on Goddess Laxmi's idol or photo and ask her grace and blessings. 

    At the end distribute the prasad to all members present and have same for your self.

    Worship the business books,open the first page and write 'Shubha Labh"on it  and  draw a Swastika . 

     An important tradition followed is to play cards after the pooja, The main reason is behind this is that is believed that Goddess Parvati played dice with her consort Lord Shiva. 

The festival of light is full of delight
Let me double the charm of your diwali night!!
Happy Depavali!!!

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