Monday, May 2, 2011

Reiki is my passion & basic need

Reiki is a natural, simple, safe and an effective healing system by using universal energy. The uses of Reiki are endless; not only to help oneself but also it has the ability to heal others. Some of the other benefits are stress reduction, relaxation, improves and maintains health, strengthens the immune system; it aids meditation and positive thinking. Reiki also works on plants and animals too.
To me Reiki is a gift I received in 2001. I don’t know how I might have ended without it, but ever since then many things have changed in my life. The practice of Reiki has made my living more meaningful. I feel the energy flow through my hands and I also sense the intensity depending on the situation.
Reiki also works for the dead or departed souls. Reiki is a wonderful way to discover many things to reach higher levels. The more you practice the more energy flows though your hands.
Respect the gift once you have been attuned by a Reiki master. If you feel the energy working within you and have benefited from it; pass it on as a gift to others. More the people working on the healing energy a better place will this society be. Reiki not only heals but also bonds with people.  Reiki is very simple and easy to learn. Reiki is not a religion.

Reiki is increasingly offered in hospital and private practice settings, applied to a variety of illnesses and conditions. Those who receive such treatments report relief of symptoms from numerous health challenges, including mental health issues. Research shows that reiki primarily helps in the reduction of stress,anxiety and Depression,  as well as relief of chronic pain —Reili also offer you a Distant healing from the Reiki Masters to healer who wish to strengthen their abilities and confidence.

Reiki can enhance every area of your life. Self-healing on a daily basis helps one to be vibrant physically and mentally. Some other benefits are as follows:
·         Cures headaches especially acute migraines

·         Creates deep relaxation and releases stress.

·         Aids better sleep

·         Reduces blood pressure

·         Removes fear of exams/interviews

·         Helps the body to recover from drug therapy after surgery and chemotherapy.

·         Increases the vitality and postpones the ageing process

·         Cures injuries and chronic problems like asthma.

·         Removes energy blockages at homes/work places.

·         supports pregnancy and painless childbirth

I personally recommend all to learn Reiki. As it has benefited me and I want you to experience the same.

Feel more connected within and in tune with others - PEACE YO ALL! 

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