Thursday, May 19, 2011


Good table manners are essential as they ensure that both the guests as well as the hosts are comfortable at the table. Displaying good table manners shows a respect for your fellow dinners.
Setting up of a Menu prior to the dinner, taking into consideration the likes & dislikes of the Guests, is essential for the hosts to consider at the planning stage.

Basic rules:

Ø  Sit up straight and keep your elbows off the table, however, it is permissible to rest your wrist on the edge, between the courses.
Ø  As soon as you are seated, place your dinner napkin on your lap. At the end of the meal, place your soiled napkin next to your plate neatly.
Ø  Meals that are served on the platter should be passed on from the right hand side.
Ø  Never eat with your mouth open or try to talk with the food in your mouth.
Ø  Take a small bite so that you can swallow your food easily and maintain a pleasant dinner conversation.
Ø  If the soup is served, dip your spoon into the bowl and then eat it, don’t slurp loudly! 
Ø  If the bread is served as a loaf, tear it with hands, into a small size.
Ø  When eating a salad, be sure to cut the lettuce and other vegetables into a comfortable bite size serving.
Ø  Very few food items should be eaten by with your fingers, e.g.: Indian breads. (If you have doubts, follow the lead or the guests.)
Ø  Never take food from your neighbor’s plate.
Ø  Don’t reach over someone’s plate for something; ask for the item to be passed.
Ø  Never lick or put your knife into your mouth.
Ø  Always say thank you when you are served something, it shows appreciation.
Ø  When you have finished eating, and let others know that you have by placing the knife and fork together with the pongs on the fork facing upwards on your plate.
Ø  It is considered polite to take along a small gift to your host: Flowers, chocolates or Champaign are always appreciated.

Setting up of Dinner Table:
For a proper table setting, the cutlery should be placed around the table.
Bread butter with butter knife (top left of dinner plate).
*      Water glass, Wine glass, Liquor glass (top right of dinner plate).
*      Both the forks are to be placed left of the plate (Salad fork and dinner fork).
*      The dinner knife is placed on the right side.
*      Dinner plate with soup bowl on it.
*      Dessert spoon  on the top side of the plate. 
*      Spoons should be placed to the right side of the knife.
Napkin placement depends on your preference and there are many folding       variations. Fold napkin and set to the left of the fork or place it on the plate.
For setting of a dinner table, expensive tableware is not need. Proper arrangements and creativity is the key to a pretty table setting.
v  Determine how many people will be attending.
v  Cover the table with a table cloth and set placemats in front of each plate. 
v  Each piece of the dinner plate should be placed one or two inches at the bottom of table edge.
v  Place glassware at each place setting depending on the beverages you will be serving
v  Place salt and pepper within the reach of several guests
v  Set flowers on the centre of the table and candles if desired.

A guest never forgets the host who had treated him kindly.”



  1. Great dinner etiquette usha. Through your mamma Guide.A must for any family while attending family functions,as you clearly mentioned in your Mama Guide that this is not an expensive guidance.In fact it is a must for a modern society.LEARN & LEARN.Ok. some tips from me too-Never load the plate with with very large portions of food.It proclaims coarse behavior.Do not add salt or pepper or liberal amount of sauce to the food without tasting it. It is an insult to the person who has painstakingly prepared the food.This would imply that it is wanting in some ingredient.well,Dinner night starts with a starter soup comes next.The main course is served along with the wine.Besides a light back ground music provides a good atmosphere to any invitation be it formal or informal.It is matter of priority and liking.THE most IMP Aspect of the get together party is the MENU and your smile.

  2. Thanks for your tips Jagdish.As you have mentioned "Mama Guide"- that is not an expensive guidance - very true Mama's tips on friendly basis.But I only hope people will come up with their suggestion.I would love to have their love appreciation and support. Mama

  3. Dear are doing a good job. Many people still lack in few table manners. This site of yours will definitely help people to be a good human being with good value. Keep posting and we truly appreciate your work.
    God bless you in everything you do.

  4. Madhu Shetty Good job Usha! You should set up a presentation school :-)
    27 February