Saturday, February 12, 2011

THE COLOR OF LOVE;)) Valentine Day2011

The color Red is the color of life. It represents vibrancy, prosperity, power, glory, happiness and the well being of self and surrounding.
Red increases enthusiasm, encourages action & confidence. It provides a sense of protection from fear & anxiety. It also brings fame.
Red is the Chinese color of   luck and happiness and a symbolic color of love, romance, courage & passion in the West.
In India,  Red has a very special and pious place. A Red bindi is said to bring good luck.
Red is the marriage color of  both Hindus  and  Muslims.
In feng shui, Red is the energy color of arousal. It is hot, passionate, rich with celebratory elements.
Red being the color of love is the also the color of Valentine’s Day.
Valentine day is considered to be the ‘Day of Romance’. It is a very special day for people in love. It is celebrated all around the world. This day gives an opportunity to couples to ignite their lost passion and brings them even more closer. Red is the most visible color on this day, since it represents Love.

Valentines Day tips

The real romance is at home.
·         Food,  flowers  and a special romantic  dinner at home is more cherished than a five course meal.
·         Place a small love note with a magical words, ‘I LOVE YOU ‘ written on it.  Place it near the bed or near dressing table mirror and see the effect J.
·         Flowers have a magical way of saying what words sometimes cannot. Make arrangements for a surprise red rose bouquet.
·         Decorate the house in Red. Use Red balloons, red flowers,  ribbons  and  candles. Use Red heart shaped balloons, the cheapest and cutest one for this occasionJ. Stick them to the ceiling along with a colorful string attached.
·         Treat your partner with a recollection  of scrapbook with cherished  moments.
·         Present a CD of your best   moments spent together.

The unasked-for gift is most appreciated. 
The surprise gift is most cherished.

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