Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happiness is Grandmothering. ...... I

My grand son Dron
 Happiness is  Grand mothering. ......!!!
        This is me with my grandson Dron.

 After an exciting and exhausting of riding with my Little Master....

I 'm considered the cool, active grandma.....

  The moment my grandson Dron was born, it was like falling madly in love for the first time. When we're together, our time is spent  laughing,There are no limits to the silliness that takes place when we're together! My heart melts each time he smiles when he sees his Grandma, oh little master calls me...Ama,,,ama,, i SIMPLY LOVE YOUR ACCENT dONY BOY:))

    We are loving being first-time grandparents! Dron is the most precious little boy with the most adorable personality! He makes us laugh and fills our hearts with so much love!
  I didn't really want to be a grandparent this early in life, but my little buddy  changed my mind in a hurry.
    The best place to be pampered is in Grandma's arms! 

   Happiness is  grandparents who are happy to baby sit.

   My husband and me, lovingly admiring every inch of him." –our hearts are filled everyday with so much joy and so much love. And every time he waves his grandfather smiles from ear to ear."

        Truth be told, there's nothing better than being a grandparent. 

    Happiness is  ......

  There is no doubt that he favors me. Look at what him "chose" to wear on his very first stage appearance CHOTA HANUMAAN ! He is truly a blessing beyond belief." 
don't misshis tail:)

        Thanks to 21st century technology, we are virtual grandparents. We have eaten dinner together, played with toys, and sung. We've watched him reach many milestones like walking... thanks to technology. We stay updated, though we wish we lived closer. We cherish the times we actually get to spend with him and hope there will be many more to come.".

      May God Bless the Little One.

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