Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Accessories to complete your look!

Women should use accessories to express as an individual. It doesn’t matter if you are married  or single young or old. I love to accessorize and I believe that accessories are important with any outfit.

Fashion  is  a  general term for a popular style especially the clothing  you wear with accessories. The style statement of every woman is keep changing; woman’s fashion is not just about wearing fashion clothes. Any women’s  fashion  style  should  go  in  consistency  with  fashion   trend  and her personality. When we  talk  about  fashion accessories,  it is everything that embellishes a women from head to foot. Any Indian women accessories starting  from  bindi  to jewelry  to footwear to  sun glass to handbags.

Few things to remember

         Learning   how  to wear ladies accessories seems easy ,when you see them in fashion magazines

         Keep accessories in the same mood as your clothing

        Don’t go for bold color especially around your face.

         Shoes with ankle strap will  make  you  look shorter

        Have straps shortened on your shoulder bags
A sari is a great Indian wear. There are many Indian saris that are worn as daily wear and on special occasion. However the grace of  sari  can  be  brought  out  with right  fashion accessories. There are  unwritten  rules  for matching accessories with the sari.

         Women and jewelry sometimes seems to  be  a  synonymous  terms.  Women  jewelry  indeed gives grace to any outfit sari is no exception.

         However wear jewelry according to the occasion if you wear a cotton sari and if you wish to wear gold ,a simple Jewelry a stud earning or a light dangling earring with simple gold chain and one or two bangles really look decent.

        Handloom saris also look good with some tribal jewelry, beaded  jewelry . Also remember to match your jewelry with the color and work of your sari.

        A sari with silver zari work will look good with Silver jewelry.  Colored  matching  bangles goes with any kind of sari.

Sun  glasses  are  more  than  just  functional. They are fabulous and look stylish. However, picking up the right  sun  glasses  which suits the best  is hard to decide because  there are so many different styles, colors, shapes and design available on the market.   So to help  you out what style of sunglasses that flatter your face shape, style and match your personality is difficult to decide.

Choose  the right sunglasses

If you have a round face, it is necessary to add some balance to your face. So you to look for frames which are slightly wider than the broadest part of your face.  Wearing   rectangular- shaped sunglasses will help to make your face a little longer and thinner.

Oval face

You are definitely lucky because almost any styles or frames of sunglasses will look good on you. But the square is recommended to complete your face shape.

Square Face
Square  face  looks  very  strong and broad.   So to reduce  strong  curve  through oval or round shape Sunglasses.

Oblong Face
For oblong you need to make your face a little wider. You have look for sunglasses that are round or square in shape.

 Handbags   are  a necessity, which has turned to be great style statement. The style of a designer handbags is one of  the  main  reason  why  handbags  are  become a fashion accessories and it is fun to shop for. There are so many different  styles  of  handbags  so it is always hard to choose, just one handbag. Every outfit calls for different styles  of  handbags,  so  this  give  a women to reason to buy more than one handbag.

One  of the  important  accessories to be worn are the ladies  sandals. Try to wear high heels with your party  sarees .Always remember to wear sandals  before starting to wrap your sari. This will make the length of sari according to your gained height due to the sandals.

Bindis  are true representation of India and obviously of Indian sarees. You will find with all types, sizes and shapes of bindi. Use plain round, oval, choose tem according to your face cut. When  you wearing festival sari or party sari use designer bindis.

I dress for my  image, not  for others;).

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