Sunday, December 26, 2010


Few days to go and the excitement is in the air. Before you attend a New Year party, prepare yourself for the big day.  

We will begin with our hands and feet.
·         Begin with clearing off the nail polish on the cuticles or around the nails.
·         Make a lotion from 1tbs olive oil and 4tbs of lemon juice- massage onto nails, on your hands and feet. The massage movements should be firm and continuous, which is good for blood circulation.
·         Take a steam towel to wrap your hands and feet this gives sheens to your nails and prevents from drying.
·         You may also get professional manicure and pedicure done.
·         Use just one coat of polish and the final coat and top coat should be applied on the eve of the party
·         And more importantly when you are not in rush allow time for drying so that the polish doesn’t smudge.
·         If you notice puffiness on your eye lids or under eyes, take chilled milk pads press over the eye lids and gently press with muslin cloth works wonder.
·         I  remember one of   my    friend   whenever we used to  plan to go out her father used to give  her a special eye bath  to her beautiful green  colored  eyes using a cup of  rose water  bending  the head and letting  the eyes bath using blinking  movements in order to clear the dust and dirt.
·         To   freshen, repeat with clean rose water with other eye. See yourself and enjoy the cleansing of your eyes.
·         Your hair needs the extra sheen to exhibit healthy and well maintained.
·         In a huge bowl pour 1cup yogurt, 2tbs vinegar, 1tbs castor oil, 1tbs glycerin and few drops of rose water.
·         Beat   this into a rich creamy paste. Get into dry bath tub; lavishly apply this to your body including face and hair.
·         Take 2 steam towels to wrap one to the hair making a turban and larger use Turkish bath rob to wrap your body.
·         Allow the warms steam to into your body it works as a rich body and hair conditioner and improves the dry skin and the hair.
·         Yogurt is rich in proteins and helps to add sheen to your body and hair.
·         Castrol oil is rich in oil which adds sheen to skin and hair.
·         Glycerin which is moisturizing to the skin also removes the tan from the skin
·         Vinegar conditions and improves dry and itchy skin and hair.
·         Leave this beauty treatment on the body until the towel gets cold.
·         Start the warm shower without   unwrapping yourself let the warm water work on your body.
·         Repeat this treatment before the day you are partying.

·     t Try your make up; rehearse with your outfit and makeup. After all you want to look good and feel good.

For a bride to be repeat this treatment a month in advance twice or thrice a week it is very beneficial.


On the first day
·         After  washing  and steaming your face pat it dry with soft towel
·         Now rub some beetroot juice on your face and leave it for 10minutes.
·         Then smear your face 10minutes with full cream and whip your face with cotton balls
·         Finally wash it with cold water.
On the second day
·         After washing and steaming your face with a piece of cucumber in the steaming water
·         Cover your face with warm honey and leave it for half an hour
·         Now rub full cream with few drops of lemon juice
·         Wash with Luke   warm water.



  1. As you always urge that staying beautiful outside and staying extra beautiful within is damn important than necessary.These always makes a person exceptionally clean&complete.Thanks for giving all of us to look beautiful with your complete beauty knowledge with important tips which would certainly give an impact for the new year bash.
    Happy new year with lots of best wishes for your informative blog.

  2. thanks jagdish a compliment on beauty treatment from the you a male member to my blog is like extra feather to my CAP!