Saturday, November 20, 2010


Every woman wants to be beautiful and well dressed. Make-up helps in enhancing our appearance to a large extent. If applied properly, it will make you stand-out in the crowd.
Make-up doesn’t mean playing with all the colors. One should choose colours according to your age & personality.
Few tips and advice to try out at home.
Before you start make sure your face has been cleaned, toned and moisturized.
As a rule, always apply make-up on a clean face.

·         Concealer's are the best way to hide the under eye dark circles, black spots & blemishes.   
·         Choose one shade lighter than your foundation.
·         Use Concealer lightly.

·         One of the first Makeup tips you should observe is the importance of finding the right foundation.
·         Your skin should look like natural flawless skin
·         Always remember to blend and smooth the foundation evenly on your face
·         The foundation should be of your right skin tone
·         Apply foundation with your wet finger tips
·         It should be applied around the nose, eye area and mouth evenly
Things to remember:
·         Try the shade of the foundation cream out of your jaw-line and not your wrist or hand
·         Remember to choose and see the shade of your foundation by standing in sunlight
·         A foundation with a sunscreen is the safest way to choose
·         Go for different looks for the evening and day time
·         A light foundation is perfect for work 
·         A shimmer is great for evening
·         Pick the proper foundation color of your skin tone. Mat finishing for an oily skin. For dry skin try moisturizing based foundation cream
·         Use of sponge, a brush or you’re your finger tips is ideal.

Face Powder
·         Be careful in choosing the powder  
·         apply  the face powder very little with the help of brush
·         If you have an oily skin apply in double coat so after you finish full make up you can brush it again to remove the excess powder. It will hold you for longer time to look fresh

·         Broaden/ stretch your mouth as if saying ‘O’ while you start applying the blush
·         Move it upwards from your cheek level to temples along your cheekbone and forehead jaws and chin area. Remember you are shaping up face structure

·         A woman with perfectly shaped brows can look good even without make-up
·         The eyebrows should be shaped weekly
·         Use eye shadows on the brows which should match your hair color
·         Start from the inner corner of the brow and move to the tip of your brows

Eye Shadow
·         Applying the eye shadow enhances the beauty of eyes and creates depth in the eye. The trick lies in application
·         For teens, putting on pastel shades like pink, light blue and violet looks trendy, soft & young
·         Applying white eye-liner pencil on your lower eye lashes inside rim, enlarges your eyes
·         Always use dark shades on the eye lids and lighter colors on the brow bone
·         Choose a shade that will compliment your skin, face and the dress

Eye Liner
·         To give a natural look, use a light eye-application
·         Add a thin and light eye liner
·         Choose an eye liner according to your skin tone
·         Colours like black, brown or blue brings out your attitude

Eye Mascara
·         Mascara is applied to look glamorous and stylish
·         Apply a second coat on the eye lids after the first layer of mascara has dried up

Eye Curler
·         Use an eye curler to look more attractive
·         Eye curler makes your eye lashes look longer and thicker

·         Use a lip liner as an outer line and apply foundation over your lip area
·         The lip liner should always match your lipstick
·         For big lips, choose colors such as purple and bronze
·         For small lips, avoid dark colors. Also try applying little Vaseline or lip gloss to the middle of the bottom lip. This brings out the pout.
·         For the full look on the lips, spotlight the lip gloss right in the middle of the mouth
·         If you are going for an evening-out, then try applying a shimmering lip gloss in silver or gold over the lip color
·         Choose your lip color according to your skin color and the shape of your lips
·         If you have a light skin you can wear pinks, peaches, beige, browns as well as dark rich colors. Deep wine colours are good otherwise try sheer colours with just a hint of red or pink to add colours
·         For medium skin tones, wear deep red browns, especially sheer shades and pinks. This will compliment your skin the most
Few tips for your lips:
·         When you wake up in the morning, gently brush your lips with a Turkish cloth or a baby smooth brush to remove all the dry skin. Apply some nourishing  lip gel thereafter
·         Use lip balm as a base of your lipstick, this not only smoothens your lips but also helps the color hold faster
·         For the rest of the day, wear a lipstick with sunscreen. It nourishes the lips and does not dry up in the sun light/ cold

Nail Painting
·         Nail paintings make your nails attractive
·         Choose the color of your nail polish according to your skin tone
·         Follow your instinct to set your personality style

Make-up Tools
1.       Sponge:
·         Sponge can be used to wipe out excess blush or eye make-up
·         Use a triangular shaped sponge
2.       Powder Puff:
·         Powder puffs are used for touch-ups during daytime
·         Remember to tap the puff, so as to dust out excess powder from the puff, before applying
3.       Blush Brush
4.       Eyeliner Brush
5.       Eyes Curler
6.       Eye shadow Brush
7.       Lip Brush
8.       Eyebrow Brush
9.       Lip Brush

Make-up Remover
·         Water and soap is not sufficient to remove the make-up from your skin pores
·         Right make-up removing application is as important as the right make-up
·         You can use mineral oils as they are best for removing makeup. They are also not expensive
·         All types of oils are natural makeup removers. Olive oil is the most effective eye make-up remover
·         The best make-up remover and cleaner for all skin type is raw milk. Dip a cotton balls in raw milk and wipe your face very gently
·         Makeup removers are available in the market in the form of lotions, foams, cleansers  and cleansing milk etc,  but natural remedies are always effective and inexpensive



  1. Thank you so much for the good valuable tips. Agree with you that a person gains confidence when she or he is complimented and for that everyone should rather must follow the above tips.
    Thanks once again for you great tips.