Monday, January 30, 2012

Organizing Your Home

Still looking for house key?  Your Car keys?   Your wallet?  “ Put away " which  does not   organized ! and  don’t   fall for the organized look,  go for the organized function  it  what makes the difference.

Organizing is not decorating, first we have to clear about what organizing is? what isn't? organizing, it is how well your home functions.The paradox is that tidy houses are not always organized house.

One of the best things you can do is get your kids involved from an their early age. Remember Organizing is a learned behavior. They will learn from watching you.My experience with my daughters.I had involved them as a team work as much as possible and it was fun working together.

Create a routine that makes a habit, it decreases your stress.Allow you to have more time to enjoy the things you love. 

Put on some music to get motivated.
Take the opportunity to clean the furniture while organizing in a general sense means systematic arrangement.(dust,wipe, vacuum etc) 

Choose furniture with multiple uses for e.g chest for storage and use as a coffee table.

If a coffee table has space under,make a good use of it don't waste!Use it for current magazines,storing books or CD.Look out for some decorative storing boxes or cover the table with a decorative material.

Add shelves to an empty walls or an vintage suitcase these can be used for photo albums and your special collections.

Pick from sale,chance are pretty organizing products will be easily available for sale like kitchen accessories and bathroom stuffs, shelf units and organized and holders plenty other.


The ideal bedroom should  not to be used for anything other than relaxing and sleeping.I am realistic to the fact that bedrooms are used for or such activities like listening to music exercising and working on my desktop.

Some of these are conducted in the bedroom out of
choice,others out of necessity.So the first step is to decide and plan the bedroom.

When organizing bedroom keep accessories to a minimum.All those extra pillows look great only in magazines and they will end up on the floor..

Make a sketch of the room and plan how to furniture will be laid out.

It is time to sort your items,when you have piles of a similar items decide what items you want to keep, donate, sell,throw away or store. 

Make your bed this should be your part of your routine. Remember being organized once you start, it
will become your second nature you simply feel better.
Clear plastic drawers make perfect storage for underwear and belts.

When organizing your clothes divide them into piles like scarf, shirts,winter clothes,office wear etc place them in your wardrobe at your reachable level.

If space allow place hook and hang handbags and shopping bags.

Keep at your eye level and say Good bye to your mess accessories.

Choosing one color bed linen for your family members
helps you to keep them well organized in your wardrobe.

Fold the full set in a pillow case along with the scented sachet so that you can pull everything in one and it will smell lovely.
 Your Kitchen

Resetting your kitchen counter is very exciting and more peaceful and you enjoying staying in kitchen for a longer time.

Arrange your kitchenware by frequency of use,with an everyday dishes to an easy to reach level.

Create a cooking zone around the stove,storing pots and pan as close to the range as possible. 

Hang aprons,pot holders and dish towel on pegs and mount them at least two feet away from the stove.
Build window seat for your kitchen garden.

Dispense plastic grocery bags with ease by stuffing empties into an old tissue box and store in the kitchen,simply pull out one when you need it.

Organizing my recipes is one of the best thing I did, I did binders of my choice for organizing may be little old fashioned but it is the one reason I like it so much.
I had quiet a few recipe from from family members and just didn't want to recopy them.I loved the handwriting so i used to make my own binders with my favorite papers and  pictures of dishes. 

The recipe from the magazines which is simply make copies and combine with the binder.

If you have many favorite cookbooks copy only your favorite recipe and make a binder called as' Your or Your Family Cook Book'.(this is my best gift to my daughters)  

Slim plastic cabinets compactly offer an inexpensive shoe rack.
Your Guests

Make sure you have enough supplies at hand.Extra soaps,tooth paste,tooth brush, towels.You can also store a pair of slippers.

Give a color theme for your guests- like bed linen,few pics of pillow covers, heavy duet and woolly blankets
 and zip up to prevent them from dust.

MAMA Home interprets heaven,If you are not happy at home you are not happy anywhere else.


  1. Sapna Nayak nice article Ushakka....inspires me to organize our home...much needed :)

  2. Shirley D'Souza Reminder for me to do some spring cleaning soon as winter is over!